Benson/Funke win SGA election

The votes are in. Richard Benson and Megan Funke will be the president and vice president, respectively, for the Student Government Association for the 2014-2015 academic year. They beat out Darien Marion-Burton and Danica Gray by a vote of 486 to 225.
The 711 votes cast represent about 30 percent of the enrolled students at Augustana. This number is the second highest turnout in the last four elections, trailing only the 2012 election’s total of 1103 votes, which, at the time, represented around 43 percent of enrolled students. Although, the student participation may seem low, only 41.8 percent of Americans voted in the 2010 presidential election.
Richard Benson, a Biology and Education major, and Megan Funke, an International Business major, will be replacing the Cameron Onumah administration. Under their banner of “Continuing Excellence,” the Benson/Funke administration hopes to continue to serve the students of Augustana as best they can.