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Offensive line tackles their way through a successful season

Augustana’s football team has made history with a 7-1 season, a season-best that hasn’t happened since 2005. After years of loss, the team accredits a large part of this season’s success to the five offensive linemen who play a big part in the offense. 

“We’ve been running the ball very well this year,” Fifth-Year Daniel Skold said. “I think that the offensive line allows for that to happen and that starts with us.”

In football, the offensive line is responsible for protecting the quarterback and making sure that the ball gets to either a running back or a wide receiver to make plays and score points. They use communication and trust to effectively block opposing defenders. 

“We’re all five individual pieces that we all have to work as one unit together,” Fifth-Year Jacob Uhlmann said. “When the bible [ the 5 linemen ] is played together, we’re very seamlessly moved together. We don’t get in each other’s way and we allow ourselves to play within our little realms and then communicate and pass off when we need to.”

The reason for the offensive line working so well together on the field is because of the connection they have off the field. The offensive linemen have focused a lot this year on creating a bond and building trust between all five players by having more social gatherings, such as watching football games together.

“We’ll just watch football together and spend time together,” Fifth-Year Brayden Macdonald said. “I think that helps us on and off the field with having a close bond. You can trust your teammates next to you, especially when they are your friend.”

The connection and trust between team members aid in better communication so that they are on the same page. Because they are so close to one another, they trust each other on and off the field, which aids in better play. 

Knowing that they have not only each other’s back, but the quarterbacks as well, gives the offensive line and the rest of the team faith and confidence in them to do their job. This trust transcends throughout the team, making Augie football one big team instead of different parts compiled.

“I know I got their back and they know I’ve got their back,” Skold said. “We trust each other immensely, and I know that they are going to do their job, and that gives me the confidence to do my job.”

Football would not be the same without the offensive line. Everything starts up front with the linemen. They create the plays for other players to score points. 

“I couldn’t play football without them,” senior Tyler Rivelli said. “Anytime I do something good it is because they allow me to do so. I just capitalize off of what they gave me. That is the most underappreciated position.”

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