Augie professor and students team up to take on Congress

Brett Kuras

Several Augustana students are interning for Angie Normoyle’s campaign for Congress. Normoyle is an Illinois Native running for Congress and is a part-time assistant professor of communication studies at Augustana College. 

Normoyle currently resides in the Quad Cities, is an Augustana alumna and met her husband at Augustana. From 2007 to 2011, Normoyle served on the Moline School Board, and she currently serves on the Rock Island County Board. She is running for Congress in the 17th Congressional District of Illinois. Some of the primary focuses of her campaign are education reform and pricing for housing and healthcare. 

Normoyle and her team have hired staff and interns to assist along the way, some of which are Augustana students. 

Sophomore Matias Bidegaray said the team has made an effort to work with the student’s busy schedules. 

“We work at least 12 hours a week, whether that be research, phone calls for Angie’s campaign or tasks assigned by the campaign manager. Everyone is always accommodating, understanding and willing to help to the best of their ability,” Bidegaray said. 

Not only is the team helpful, according to senior intern Lyka May Canto, but the internship is a good experience for her future after college. 

“One hundred percent this internship will help me,” Canto said. “I want to work under a senator or a politician one day, and I’m basically doing that now, so this is one of the best things I can do for myself and future goals.”

The Augie interns have enjoyed working for Normoyle throughout this process and her willingness to work for change has impacted their experience

Normoyle said she considers her commitment to this campaign a strength and is determined to make real change for the state and the country.

“I really enjoy when I travel to cafes and diners and am face to face with people, having conversations with those who are genuinely interested in what we’re trying to do,” Normoyle said. “I draw energy and inspiration from these interactions.”

Normoyle also said she feels confident that she has a real chance of winning.

“My biggest opponent is Esther Joy King,” Normoyle said. “I feel confident though, we have hard-working interns, a great national endorsement, and I just feel really optimistic.”

While this campaign may be coming to an end soon, Bidegaray encourages people to become involved in these types of internships if they’re interested in politics. 

“Anyone who cares about politics, about their community or even really about people should get involved,” Bidegaray said. “This internship has given me hands-on experience that will help me get my dream job one day, to work on Capitol Hill.”

Normoyle said she wants those to know that when they see her name on the ballot and to remember that she will continuously work for the people.

“I want them to know that I will sit down and work to solve problems, not push them to the side. I will continue to travel to meet with people face to face, and I will come back after the election and listen to their concerns on a regular basis,” Normoyle said.

The primary for the 17th District congressional vote is June 28, 2022.