Noah Hill and his experience directing, acting and so much more


Jason Smith

Portrait of Noah Hill taken at the Brunner theater.

Krystina Slack

Senior Noah Hill has been highly involved with the theater program over the past four years. Hill has been a part of many different productions and seen every side of producing a show. He knows what it takes to make a great production and an amazing atmosphere. 

Hill has worked in various roles throughout the theater department, including lighting design, acting and directing. “The big thing that drew me to theater at Augie is the ability to do multiple things in theater, not just having to do one certain aspect,” Hill said. “You are able to try out all kinds of different aspects of theater and see what thing(s) you like.”

In theater, things are always happening behind the scenes and on stage. No matter where you are, you are always making memories.

One of the most memorable experiences that the Augie theater program has given me is the people that I have met.” Hill said. “In my last two years at Augie, I have gotten to live with dear friends who I never would have met if not for the theater program.”

Hill directed “Pirates of Penzance” last year and now has the chance to direct again. Currently, Hill is directing “The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical” at the Spotlight Theater in Moline. In this new production, Hill has recognized differences from directing “Pirates of Penzance.”

A big difference is definitely the genre,” Hill said. “Another big difference is “Pirates” had a cast and crew made up of just Augie students, while “Lightning Thief” is a community theater production where I have gotten to work with folks of all ages.”

The biggest similarity Hill saw between directing the two shows involved the creative attitude he practiced. It was “The sense of play that I wanted to put in both shows and [knowing] how it is quite important to keep playing and using your imagination no matter what age you are,” Hill said.

From his first production, “Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens,” to his current production “The Lightning Thief,” Hill has made strong friendships. Along with the Augustana theater department, Noah has left a lasting impression on his coworkers in his current production.

“It’s been a dream working with Noah,” Synth Gonzalez, an actor in “The Lightning Thief,” said. “Noah and I have a deep love for theater and the meanings behind every little thing. And it’s been so fun to see him give everyone the liberty to explore and have fun, which has resulted in a killer show.”

Gonzalez said the process behind “The Lightning Thief” has been their favorite thing they’ve been involved in. 

“From the first day, everyone just brought their 100% and that never left. We are such a close-knit cast now and everyone just has fun every night,” Gonzalez said.

According to Gonzalez, the best part of “The Lightning Thief” is the welcoming atmosphere and people’s willingness to try new things. “We got to explore so many things just because of how comfortable we all are with each other,” Gonzalez said.

Hill has helped to create a fun and welcoming atmosphere where everyone can express themselves and show their artistic creativity. This is not only the heart and soul of theater, but this is what makes a production amazing.

Hill will be graduating soon, and after years of theater memories, he shares a piece of advice with current and future theater students.

Don’t be afraid to try as many different things as possible, but also make sure that you don’t stretch yourself too thin,” Hill said. “It is very easy in the field of theater to overcommit to too many things. Find the things that you enjoy and do well and then run with them.”

Hill’s production of “The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical” will be showing until Feb. 27, on Fridays and Saturdays at 7 pm and Sundays at 2 pm. Tickets to see Hill’s work are available at