So, how do student athletes balance studies and sport?


Narita Lambert

Augustana junior Matt Hanushewsky looks to attack the rim during Tuesday’s game against Saint Mary’s on Nov. 16

Abhib Lal Amatya

As finals week is approaching, student-athletes might have to make slight changes to the way they create a balance between sports and studies. First-year basketball player Mikey Hamilton handles these changes by getting a jump on his studies.

“I will be doing a lot of studying in advance because, since practice and gym take up a lot of time, I will have to start reviewing the materials I need to study a week earlier,” Hamilton said.

Similarly, sophomore basketball player Grace Nestich feels like she can’t procrastinate once her season starts.

“Studying needs to happen sooner rather than later,” Nestich said. “Preparations need to happen a week in advance because I am going to have to spend time on athletics.”

Being a student-athlete brings a unique set of challenges. athletes also need to grow and improve at their game along with studying.

“I try to maintain my ratio of sports to academics at two to one, but it depends on the day of the week because practice schedules are not consistent,” Hamilton said.

Nestich however says her ratio of sports to academics is equal.

“It definitely depends on the workload, but I would say on average it is an equal split,” Nestich said.

Finding time to study is one of the most important parts of finding that balance as a student athlete. For some, the only time they can study is at night.

“I mostly study free time before going to bed because most of the time it is a cycle of class, work and practice during the day,” Nestich said. “So, the biggest chunk of time I have is during the night.”

Hamilton, on the other hand, makes the most out of the mornings for studying.

“I mostly study during Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings because, on those days, my classes start late,” Hamilton said. “I also try to find time for studying before practice because I know I am going to be tired after.”

Having to travel with the team poses another challenge for student athletes. They might have to miss classes in the process.

“It will be tough to miss classes when traveling with the team. I work on assignments during longer bus rides. Having to travel will be difficult but easy enough to get it done,” Hamilton said.

Nestich finds time during the overnight trips her team takes to finish assignments.

“Besides studying during long bus rides, I also find time to study in the hotel room whenever we are staying overnight,” Nestich said.

Being an athlete and chasing for a college degree at the same time is an incredibly difficult task. And yet student athletes like Hamilton and Nestich have accepted the challenge to do their best to represent Augustana at Basketball and study at the same time.