Augustana plans for renovations around campus

Brett Kuras

Augustana College has plans to improve the infrastructure around campus. Bergendoff, Sorenson, Thorson-Lucken field (TF field) and Pepsico (PCo) recreation center will undergo renovations. Bergendoff will begin phase two of its renovations soon, Sorenson will have exterior renovations done, TF field will get a new turf field and PCo will be getting new floors on the inside and a new indoor track.

These areas on campus will be renovated due to their old nature and their natural expiration dates. TF field’s turf is roughly 10 years old and has become naturally rundown over time. Sorenson’s exterior is rundown to the point where rain easily gets into the building and Bergendoff’s interior still has original construction from when it was first built. Lastly, PCo’s track and floor have become so worn down that metal is showing from the wear and tear.

Don Umland, director of campus recreation, said he is looking forward to these renovations, specifically PCo, because he said that it will improve athletics and the overall well-being for the students.

“This will be huge for sports, especially track. We plan to put a pole vault pad and a long jump pit as well,” Umland said. “The team could now host duo meets, opening a few doors for them. On top of track, club teams like volleyball and basketball will be more suited to do things like diving without causing serious injury.”

Student athletes share the same excitement as Umland for the renovations, specifically the PCo renovations.

Sophomore Justin Kornas, varsity soccer player, looks forward to having a new turf to play on and also recognizes it was time for a new field.

“As a soccer player, the turf is very run down which leads to the ball bouncing awkwardly and players being more susceptible to injury,” Kornas said. “Placing down new turf will create a safer and more comfortable environment for the sports that utilize the field.”

Kent Barnds, executive vice president for external relations, said he is looking forward to the renovations in Sorenson.

“When it rains, my room turns into a terrarium, and it makes it difficult to work,” Barnds said. “Sorenson is one of the oldest buildings on campus, next to Old Main. These repairs are overdue and will prevent things like weather from affecting the people inside.”

In regard to the cost of the renovations, Barnds said there is a process for how the school pays for these things.

“We have a few different avenues, our primary one being a capital funds account, which is an account where the school sets aside money from donors, tuition and other investments,” Barnds said. “Most of the repairs come from a blend of donors and set aside money, which all comes from the capital funds account.”

PCo renovations will begin next semester, while others will begin in the summer. As of right now, there is no date set for each project to be finished.