Big schools play on

Sydney Krueger

The CCIW has put all athletic competitions to a halt for the fall season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Augustana teams have been fortunate enough to continue practicing with a series of precautions, like social distancing and wearing masks. 
However, bigger Division I schools have been able to continue with business as usual, competing and practicing like normal. This has had an impact on Augie student athletes, given that they have not had the same opportunity.
Daniel Carr, a sophomore on the men’s basketball team, shared how he felt about not being able to compete.
 “Obviously it’s pretty heartbreaking just to see that they are able to play the same sports at a higher level and actually compete,” Carr said.
Molly Fank, a sophomore on the women’s soccer team, although saddened by the circumstances, has been able to find a positive outlook on the situation.
“I think that it will be really beneficial for us because we’ve had all this time to practice. So normally coming into the season we have a week of preseason, whereas we’ve technically had 10 weeks of preseason to focus on getting better,” Fank said.
Although many athletes are thankful to be able to practice, it has taken a toll on their drive to compete given the uncertainties of the upcoming season.
Nicole Demare, a freshman on the women’s swim team, shared how the current practice circumstances have affected her.
“I feel like I’m practicing for nothing, which isn’t good, but my motivation isn’t there and seeing other schools actually being able to compete is just frustrating,” Demare said.
While motivation can be low, Carr shares how the basketball team has turned the extra practice time into an opportunity to improve.
“I expect our team to be extremely connected considering we will have had three months of practice together under our belts,” Carr said.
Despite the tough situation, athletes are still holding out hope for a competitive season come spring time. 
“I think it will be extremely beneficial to have had all this time because girl’s soccer has done a really good job of using this time to get ready for the spring season,” Fank said.