The difficulty behind trusting the Mueller Report summary

Sarah Kayali

One rule that many people follow is to never talk about religion or politics, but the topic of politics isn’t as simple as we may think it is.

There are some concepts that go beyond our understanding. You can’t trust what the media says, nor what politicians themselves say. There are many hidden facts that are mysterious to anyone in the public.

There are many things happening behind our back that we aren’t aware of. The 2016 presidential election was a very tense time for many Americans.; would Hillary Clinton be our first female president or will Trump take over presidency? Many people stayed up late to hear the results of who their next president would be.

After Donald Trump won the election, many people started wondering if that happened due to many supporters who voted for him, or if something else, possibly another country, helped him win.

This uneasiness about the election resulted in an investigation, and the Mueller Report contains the results. Specifically, the Mueller Report investigated what went on during the 2016 elections and whether Russia’s government interfered at all with the results.

There have been many events that have led Americans to be suspicious of Russia. After all, we all know that in the midst of the 2016 campaign season, Donald Trump Junior met with an attorney for the Russian government for the purpose of acquiring potentially damaging information about former Secretary of State and then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Many Americans waited impatiently for the release date of the Mueller report. The American people have a right to know all the facts. It’s time to release the full Mueller Report because there are still questions about obstruction of justice, corruption, and abuse of power that the American people need answered.

Congress hasn’t seen the report, the press hasn’t seen it, the people of America haven’t seen it. We only have a mere summary of the report. I find it very difficult to trust this.

Trump and the GOP don’t want to see the actual Mueller report. They already know the evidence is damning, and far from exonerating. It’s so obvious what they’re doing. Trump’s lawyers, the DOJ and Republicans in Congress suspect the full Mueller report is going to be bad for Trump, but Trump is an idiot who thinks he can beat anything.

Tulsi Gabbard, tweeted that “Mueller reported Trump did not collude with Russia to influence our elections. Now we must put aside partisan interests, move forward, and work to unite our country to deal with the serious challenges we face.”

Even though Mueller might’ve reported that, none of us know the full story of what actually happened. It’s hard to believe anything the government says.

It appears that the government only releases the information they want us to hear. Nothing the government says can be considered facts.