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Power outage rocks campus
Power outage rocks campus
Jack BrandtSeptember 13, 2023

New Spotify-Hulu college bundle excites students


Earlier in September Spotify and Hulu decided to create a subscription bundle for college students at the Spotify premium price of $4.99 a month. Students who purchase this subscription plan will receive all of the benefits of a “Spotify Premium” account—including add free music—along with those that come with a “Limited Commercial” plan from Hulu.
Augustana sophomore, Robert Burke, who has been an avid Spotify user for many years explained that the Spotify-Hulu bundle was a really great deal for him since he already had a “Spotify Premium” account.  Burke emphasized that having the opportunity to stream videos along with the add free listening on Spotify was very convenient.
“I don’t have Netflix…so like [Hulu is] something you know.  It may not be as much as Netflix but it’s nice to have some kind of streaming video, TV, movie stuff,” Burke stated.
Not only are the benefits of Hulu plan an added plus, but the promised, and affordable, $4.99 a month has many college students quickly setting up a Spotify-Hulu college bundle.
“I think when you have a $5 bundle like that, it’s a lot more tempting to buy that bundle,” explained Augustana sophomore, and Spotify fan, Alexa Pedersen.
Pedersen stated that with many streaming subscriptions the prices never seem to be very straightforward, but with the Spotify-Hulu package everything seems to be laid out and explained well.
“Different prices can emerge so it’s really nice when you have a package,” Pedersen said. “You know it’s one price, you know what you’re getting, you’re paying it for a month, it makes the choices, for me, easier.”
Both Burke and Pedersen agree that for college students who are usually strapped for money, a bundle that incorporates a music and video streaming app can really provide substantial help.
“Everyone is kind of on a budget,” Burke stated.  “I know that can be a substantial saving for them especially for people who might not have a campus job, or might not get enough hours, or have the privilege of having income, then this might be nice for them.”
Echoing a similar sentiment, Pedersen explained that due to the constant studying college students have to do it can be hard to work making a deal like the Spotify-Hulu subscription bundle a better choice for most students.
The Spotify-Hulu offer is only for students who are enrolled in an undergraduate program at a U.S. Title IV accredited college.  Students who already possessed a “Spotify Premium” account and meet the eligibility requirements can go into their account and change their premium account to “Spotify Premium for Students”.
Whether students had a “Spotify Premium” account before the bundled package, many are taking advantage of a subscription plan suited to their needs.  Although there are many college packages on the market, Spotify and Hulu are both taking steps to make life for college students just a little easier, and a little cheaper.
“I say whenever there’s a college package, I really like to read about those and [the Spotify-Hulu college bundle] seems like a great idea,” Pedersen explained.

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New Spotify-Hulu college bundle excites students