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Trump Supporter: “I am not racist”

James Boxmeyer, 63, of Philadelphia attends his first Inaguration. Wearing gear to support President Trump, he stands in a crowd of tens of thousands of protestors waiting to go through security. Photo by Ryan Jenkins.

“I am a lifelong Democrat, but I voted for Trump.” 63 year-old James Boxmeyer of Philadelphia, Pa. said while waiting to get into the gates of the Inauguration of President Donald Trump on Jan. 20.
“I grew up in a Republican family, then became a Democrat in 1972 because Nixon dishonored the White House, basically” he said.
Boxmeyer said this time around, the candidates in the most recent election is what caused him to vote Republican.
“I don’t like Trump, frankly, but it came down to Hillary, I really could not vote for Hillary.” he said.
Boxmeyer said, if there is any issue that could have single-handedly changed his mind from Democrat to Republican it was the topic of abortion.
On this particular day, Boxmeyer stood in the cold, rainy security line for four and a half hours observing tens of thousands of protesters shouting and chanting about different issues on the conservative agenda.
Female activists would call out and shout, “My body, my choice!” causing the protesting men to then respond by chanting back “her body, her choice!” A chant that Boxmeyer says he strongly disagrees with.
“I am Pro-Life.” he said.
Boxmeyer’s liberal daughter, who is currently not speaking with her father because of how Donald Trump supporters are associated with one another, is a graduate of Yale.
“We are always striving for diversity, but as you get older and put a daughter through college and you are paying different bills, then you develop different priorities, like jobs and money.” Boxmeyer said. “The media says that we’re racist and we hate people.” he said, speaking about stereotypes. “No, its not that at all. Its untrue.”
Boxmeyer said he is mostly looking forward to the rise of the people.
“We just love America and I am excited to see it be ‘for the people’ again.” he said.
Boxmeyer was raised in an environment where he was taught to accept everybody. His mother was one of the only women in their neighborhood growing up who was willing to accept when a young black school teacher began to teach her children. He says she taught him the importance of diversity in a community.
Boxmeyer later went on to become a leader of a southern black baptist church in Philadelphia.
Other supporters kept with the theme of defending their vote throughout the day.
“I truly believe Mr. Trump will bring the power of the land back to the people.” Trump supporter Joe Bailey, 52 of Northern Maryland said, while standing along the parade route in his blue poncho to keep him dry on the rainy Friday.
He and his family cheered loudly as the presidential motorcade drove passed. At one point in the day, Bailey’s teenage son shouted “we won!” and high-fived Joe.
“I’m not racist” Bailey said. “I just want our factories back.”

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Trump Supporter: “I am not racist”