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This wasn’t always Augie

Etta Brooks November 19, 2021

“This wasn’t always Augie,” raised conversations about how the land, which Augustana currently resides, was once occupied by indigenous people. This discussion was facilitated by the Multicultural...

Racial equity evolving in Classics

Racial equity evolving in Classics

Connie Krupa November 12, 2021

Racial equity in classics, specifically in television shows and movies, has been vastly underrepresented throughout the years. The United States has a history of oppressing and disadvantaging certain groups.  Dr....

The power of education

Najiah Osborne October 21, 2021

Institutionalized racism is defined as racism embedded in the laws and regulations of a society or an organization. How does institutionalized racism affect people of color? People of color are incarcerated...

Augie fights dual pandemic

Etta Brooks June 9, 2021

Relevant to diversity celebration month and Augustana Faith’s commitment to social justice, T.S Banks, a Poet, playwright, and social justice advocate will give a virtue performance and message at Augustana...

Ashanti Mobley speaks out through spoken-word

Ashanti Mobley speaks out through spoken-word

Olivia Doak March 17, 2021

This story is from the Observer’s Injustice and inequalities inside Augie magazine publication. Print March 2021. When she was 11 years old, Ashanti Mobley went with her siblings to the corner store...

Amy Cooper reveals the danger of post-racial thinking

Amy Cooper reveals the danger of post-racial thinking

Carly Davis May 28, 2020

On Monday, May 25, a white woman called the police on a black man because he asked her to leash her dog while walking in a leashed-dogs-only portion of New York City's Central Park. Identified as Amy Cooper,...

Police brutality doesn’t seem to stop

Giselle Barajas October 17, 2019

The Black Lives Matter Movement has shifted the way Americans view the modern-day civil rights fight. In particular, the Black Lives Matter Movement strongly aided in emphasizing the issue of police brutality...

Throwing Shade about Shades: colorism in minority communities

Morgan Clark March 20, 2019

Over my past years in college, I’ve realized some people are in dire need of being educated on the backgrounds of people who surround them. Skin color is often misrepresented by the media, mainly for...

The reality of police brutality

The reality of police brutality

Sarah Kayali March 11, 2019

The Ten-Point Program of the Black Panther Party, a self defense political organization, called for: freedom, full-employment, end to capitalist robbery, housing, education, universal-healthcare, end to...



Cassandra Talbot February 1, 2019

The state of our union is divided

February 6, 2018

On Tuesday, January 30th, President Trump gave his State of the Union Address. The president covered a range of topics from tax reform to health care to the unity of our government and our country. Overall,...

Hold Trump accountable

January 25, 2018

As many parents may know, making excuses on behalf of your child will only teach them that they do not have to take responsibility for their actions. In light of the president’s recent racist comments...

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