Iaquinta strives for sensational season finish

  1. The Augustana Observer sat down with junior women’s soccer captain Grace Iaquinta to talk about the team’s season.1. Given your overall  record of 7-6 and 1-3 in the CCIW, is this where you want to be this far in this season?
    “It’s not where we want to be right now, especially in the CCIW. But the rest of our season is conference games, so we have a chance to win out the rest of our season and turn around our record to be where we want to be. Also, a record is just a record. It’s all about who you’re winning against and that you’re getting the important wins. And we have some important games coming up.”
    2. What’s it like being a junior captain with senior captains?
    “I love it because it creates a bridge between seniority and the rest of the classes. Next year, I can carry on a legacy and really know how to perform as a captain learning from those two (senior captains), (as well as) have an even better relationship with the coaches and how to communicate well.
    3. What is your favorite aspect of the team?
    “My favorite part of the team is that we are a family. I know that’s a bit  cliché  but all of us really care about each other and seeing each others’ smiling faces, asking how you are, how your day is and being invested in each other. That goes outside of soccer and on campus. They share something with you that nobody else does and creates a special, deep bond.”
    4. What is it about soccer that makes you want to play it?
    “I love that it is both a physical and demanding game, but also an intellectual game. There is definitely a level of creativity in soccer that I really enjoy. You’re not just running a play, you are creating the plays and that is so fun to do with teammates. You are making the game beautiful.”
    5. What has been your favorite moment in soccer in your time at Augustana?
    “Last year, making the (Division III) national tournament was awesome. It was such a great feeling to have worked hard all season and then to earn a spot among such elite teams, especially with the group of girls that were there.”
    6. Is making nationals this year still attainable for the team?
    “If we perform the rest of the season like we should and we can, it’s absolutely in the cards for us. That’s why we have to go game by game and focus on what is ahead of us immediately and really buckle down.”