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December 9, 2023

Greeks promote safety during Homecoming

Greek groups took measures to ensure celebrations remained safe during Homecoming Week.

The Greek Council’s guidelines for social activities states that “all social activities must be in compliance with the city, state, and federal states… (e.g. persons may not carry open containers of alcohol on public sidewalks or streets; party themes may not promote drinking by minors).”
There is no amnesty granted for violations to these rules during Homecoming Week, and that is something that the Greek groups on campus take seriously. 
In an email sent to all sororities and fraternities, Director of Greek Life Katey Bignall included tips to increase safety during the week’s parties. Bignall advised students to “be respectful of neighbors and the surrounding community,” “utilize ACES or sober drivers, make sure no one is driving drunk,” and “do not be afraid to call Public Safety if someone is in trouble.”
According to Montse Ricossa, public relations and tech chair of the Greek Council, every group is required to have a number of “Sober Sisters” and “Sober Brothers” at each social event.
“There are a handful of people from each chapter that are 100 percent sober that night and are available to be contacted for whatever reason. We send out an email with their name, phone number, how late they’re available, and whether or not they have a car,” Ricossa said.
The main goal during these celebrations, Ricossa said, is to push for “Greek Unity” between all of the groups and keep a controlled, safe environment during homecoming festivities.
“Homecoming is for anyone who wants to participate, whether they’re in a Greek group or club or just a student,” Ricossa said. “Everyone should be safe, not solely Greek groups. If someone will be drinking (which we do not promote in any way), they should make sure to measure and count their drinks and have someone who will drive them home or walk them home.”
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Greeks promote safety during Homecoming