Hearing Services Available on Campus

Augustana’s Audiology clinic is offering hearing services to students, faculty, and community members. CSD majors have the opportunity to expand their knowledge by observing in the clinic and are required to observe once per term.
The audiology clinic is located in Brodahl. According to Dr. Ann Perreau, Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders, the department started the audiology clinic about 5 years ago. Because it is a non-for profit clinic, Perreau feels that they are really able to focus on the health of the individual. Perreau is the audiologist on campus.
“The purpose (for the clinic) was to provide exposure to our students in CSD, working with individuals with hearing loss” said Perreau.
The clinic offers free hearing screenings. And for a fee, the clinic can fit hearing aids and help with custom hearing protection.
According to Brian Kuntz, a senior from the CSD department, the clinic helps students learn more and become professional through observation. “I have become more knowledgeable and cognizant of professionalism, and this wouldn’t be possible without observation” said Kuntz.
Perreau stresses that it is important to know if you have normal hearing or not. “15% of the general population has hearing loss of some degree in one or both ears” said Perreau.
“It is imperative that hearing screening and other hearing services be offered on campus because noise-induced hearing loss can affect young adults” said Kuntz.
According to Perreau, hearing loss has been on the rise over the last 10 years. More and more young adults have some degree of hearing loss. Perreau believes it is important that students have the opportunity to get their hearing checked.
“Think about all the exposure to noise this demographic in particular receives; concerts, parties, and sporting events are all situations that can negatively affect hearing if one doesn’t use hearing protection” said Kuntz. He added that “Students should understand that hearing impairments are a very real part of life, even for young adults.”
Perreau recommends that people without known hearing loss have their hearing tested every couple of years, while people with known hearing loss should have their hearing tested each year.
“Just like any other physical for overall health, if there’s hearing loss it can signify disorder, disease, or anything else going on” said Perreau.
Students, faculty, and community members can call 319-794-7358 to make an appointment. Perreau can perform hearing screening on Mondays and Wednesdays this term. This availability changes based on her teaching schedule.