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Myles Wallin talks Augustana IMs

1 Explain your position and what you do.
“With my position, Don Umland asked a bunch of us on the IM staff to step up this year, in terms of scheduling officials, scheduling games, and always being there as as extra supervisor if needed. I try to be at every intramural event I can. There is 19 of us on the IM staff. Don leans on us when he needs to.”
2. How did you get this point being on the IM staff?
“Last year, I joined the IM staff in the winter term and was an apprentice under Zeke Hartman and learned from him throughout the year. He taught me what he knew. I learned a lot from him. And this year, I learned a lot through experience and on the job work.”
3. Describe what IMs go on during different seasons.
“In the fall we have our two big sports, which are volleyball and flag football. We also had a sand volleyball tournament. In the winter, we had a FIFA tournament and a hockey tournament on play station. Also we had basketball almost the entire winter. In the spring, we are now in the middle of soccer and softball. We also do dodgeball during the first five weeks.”
4. How would you describe the culture of Augie IMs?
“I feel like it’s pretty well rounded. In terms of staff, we bring in people from different backgrounds. In terms of the players, they always seem like they are having fun and can’t wait for the next sport to come. We always have a lot of competition.”
5. What’s one of our favorite sports to play?
“I love playing flag football. It’s hands down my favorite. I am a big football guy, and I am always watching football games.”
6. Why play Augie IMs?
“You get an experience you’ll never get before. You find people that are well rounded athletes, and it’s a good way to come together. It’s a good way to meet people freshman year, and it gives freshmen a reason to continue playing the sports they did in high school.”
7. What has been your most memorable moment playing or watching IMs?
“My freshman year I tried out for football on A league. I was able to join with the track team because they saw me throwing the football around at practice, and they thought I was pretty good.”
8. What is one strength about the IM program at Augie?
“Bringing people together. It allows for all different types of people to develop teamwork with each other. Also, people learn how to play with others they don’t really want to play with sometimes.”
9. What kinds of lessons has coordinating IMs taught you?
“I have a solid group on the staff where we can go to each other for advice. It’s nice having Don available for us, too. He knows what he’s doing when bringing together staff members. We all mesh together well.”
10. If you had to describe IMs in one word what would it be and why?
“Complicated. I say complicated because there is so much more than what you think that goes into Augie IMs. You have the officials, the IM staff, the players, the scorers, and there is more people than the outsider thinks that’s involved. People just come to play a game. Some people don’t realize what kind of work goes into making that game possible.”

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Myles Wallin talks Augustana IMs