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Rakers reflects on final season

The Observer sat down with senior Kendra Rakers and talked about the culmination of the softball season.
1. As a senior, what is the biggest lesson Augustana softball has taught you?
“I have learned many things through my time on the softball team at Augie. I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that it doesn’t matter what role you have on the team; everything you do is important. There are always ways you can help your teammates and help the team win.”
2. What will you miss the most about Augustana softball?
“I will definitely miss every single one of my teammates and having such a great group of girls and friends to call my family. It is the people that I get to play with that make this sport so special.”
3. What has been the team’s toughest game so far this season?
“We’ve had a lot of challenging games this season, because we’ve played some very impressive teams. We’ve beaten some good teams, and we’ve lost to good teams. One of our toughest games was when we played Central College in Columbus, Ga., because we were beating them and they came back and won. As a senior, Central College is one of those teams that we’ve just always really wanted to beat. They have a great softball program and we almost always see them in the regional tournament, so I really wanted to beat them. What also made it tough was that it was our last game in Georgia, so it was pretty devastating to be sent home after that loss.”
4. How would you describe the culture of the team?
“We have great chemistry as a team. We do have a young line up this year, but we’ve all faced many challenges together and would do anything for each other. The team feels like one big family.”
5. If you could switch positions with a team member for the day, who would it be and why?
“I would switch places with my catchers, because as a pitcher, I am afraid that I take them for granted way too often. I want to put myself in their position, so that I could even better appreciate all of the hard work they put into making me an even better player.”
6. What has been your most memorable moment out on the field?
“My most memorable moment would have been beating Carthage in extra innings. It was the most exciting so far, but I know we will have many more memorable moments to come.”

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Rakers reflects on final season