ORL switches up the housing process

It is about that time to ask our roommates if they can still put up with us to for next year. Some of us convince our roommates to agree to stay with us for another year so that we can change into better roommates next year. Just admit it, it’s your intention all along, isn’t it? All jokes aside, it has been recently announced that the Office of Residential Life will adopt a new method of assigning rooms for incoming freshmen and sophomores who sign up for roommate roster. Joe Sagar, Assistant Director of Residential Life, stated that the major differences for students next year are hat they would be housed in class cohorts, which means the ORL will assign housing for you according to the groups of friends or classmates you belong to. In a reason for this change, he explained that this would allow the ORL to meet the students’ needs in a more efficient and intentional manner. As for the students’ response to this new approach, there doesn’t seem to be any negative reaction to the new method, yet. Most of the rising sophomores are pretty excited about the possibility to live in Swanson next year. Most sophomore living space will be air conditioned, so don’t worry, you probably won’t be stuck with Andreen for the following year. Many people will like the new approach because they can have a better chance of staying with their best friends, or a new classmate that they recently befriended and may eventually become one of their new best friends. Individual needs will also be better considered since they are assessed in close proximity with their peers. As a result, this will definitely make the college experience much more pleasant. There are some potential pitfalls in this new method. As we all know, one of the main objectives of the college experience, including living in residential halls, is to make new friends and get to know new people. Your possibility of actually getting acquainted with new people will be hindered. Anyway, change is, more often than not, necessary, and we will just have to wait and see who we will be paired up with. Unless you are a CA, then lucky you!