Lattner follows in family footsteps


With a family legacy of football triumph, Junior Danny Lattner had something to prove this year coming back from a broken hand.
This was Lattner’s first year starting opening day, which was September 5th against Mount St. Joseph. Last year, Lattner broke his hand during a preseason scrimmage against Ambrose and was out for six out of ten games.
Despite fears of being out of shape, he was determined to play the final games with a senior class he had grown close to. In these games, Lattner scored his first two college touchdowns by rushing the ball.
Lattner is currently ranked third in the CCIW for receptions at 18, just two behind the leaders tied at 20. He is also ranked third in receiving yards per game with an average of 15.0.
Lattner’s success can also be seen the physical progress he has made in his time at Augie. Coming in at 6’3’’ and 180 pounds, Lattner had the frame but lacked the muscle. Lattner is now up 20 pounds and has doubled the points he scored last year in just two games.
This success was seen in the game on September 12th against Albion College when Lattner opened the second half with two consecutive reception touchdowns.
The Lattner name is not new to making football headlines. In 1953 Danny’s grandfather, Johnny Lattner, won the Heisman Trophy while playing halfback for Notre Dame. Both grandfather and grandson attended high school at Fenwick.
Football has always been a part of the Lattner family lifestyle. Yet, it remained a source of joy, never an expectation from family members said Lattner.
“On Thanksgiving we always play a family football game,” said Danny Lattner. “My grandpa plays center and throws the ball to all of us.”
Despite the success of his family Lattner does not let this translate into a big ego.
“Danny is humble,” said his roommate and teammate John Bastian, a free safety for the Augustana Vikings. “He acts like it is his first time on the field, but when he makes plays it is like he does it every day. When he is successful he acts like a little kid, but not in a cocky way.”
Lattner has come a long way from the freshman who woke up at 7:20am for a 6:00am practice.
“I woke up and threw on the first thing I saw,” said Danny Lattner. “I tried to sneak into practice and hoped no one would notice. They did and I had to run.”
Now Lattner uses football to keep him organized.
“There is no way I would be where I am today without football,”  “It keeps me centered.”
Of his goals for the future Lattner says he would like to keep putting up points and would love to be a senior captain.
“You have to have a vision for the team,” said Lattner on being a captain. “People need to buy into that vision of where you want to bring the team.”