Sierra Chats after top finish

One of the top finishers for the Vikings at the Clarke University Fall Classic, freshman golfer Alex Sierra sits down to talk about his hopes for his first season as a Viking.
Q: How did you get interested in golf?
“In high school I got into golf because I had surgery on my elbow freshman year of high school, so three months after my surgery my doctor said the only thing I can do was golf…and I wasn’t going to sit around all summer so I picked up golfing and kind of just fell in love with it.”
Q: How is the transition from high school to here at Augie?
“It’s different the competition is a lot better than high school, pretty much most kids you play with are solid golfers, compared to high school where you have a few kids who play to play.”
Q: What are your thoughts for this season?
“I have high hopes for this season. I mean, through practice and after our first tournament in Dubuque the team played really good, and we have a lot of room to improve, but I think we can get there.”
Q: How is the team’s composition?
“I think as a team we get along together. Everyone is friends with everyone and we have a group chat, we text and I mean we just all have fun at practice and no segregation from people on the team.”
Q:What, so far, has been your favorite memory in Augie? 
“My favorite memory from Augie is during welcome week getting to meet knew people and everyone is trying to make new friends and I thought it was kind of interesting just because like it’s different from high school, cause high school everyone has their own little click and Augie, everyone is just friendly and the best part was being accepted by Augie.”
Q:Any tips for amateur golfers?
“Not to swing hard and the main part about golf is not hitting the ball far, but just making your short game, like putting that is probably the most important part of the game.”