Aviation and the War to perform Friday

Live on Campus brings entertainers to the Brew by the Slough twice a month, ranging from students wishing to showcase their musical talents, to nationally touring bands. To kick off the first event of the year, the committee is bringing “Aviation and the War,” a indie-alternative band based in Chicago.
The band consists of singer-songwriter Matt Buenger who also plays guitar or piano, drummer and part time pianist Joe Christopoulos, and new bassist Anthony, recently found via craigslist. The band has been compared to Manchester Orchestra, one of the band’s influences.
Matt writes the lyrics for their original songs, and the three come together to put music to the words.”We’re a fairly new project,” Matt says, “We’ve only  been together for about 6 or 7 months, but we’re ready to venture out.” Although they’re a new group, Matt and Joe have known each other since 2nd grade, their friendship formed through boy scouts, baseball, and hockey.
Augustana is one of their destinations, among others including CineFest. When asked about their unique name and where it originated, Matt answers, saying it is a sort of tribute to his grandfather, a veteran of World War II who started his own business selling airplane parts after he returned home.
Whether you’re already a fan or not, they’ll be debuting some new songs at the Brew, so it’s worth a stop on Friday night. Their music can be found in almost all of the major musical media outlets including iTunes, Amazon, and Youtube, so you can check them out before their performance. After performing at Augustana, the band will be taking a break in order to record a new album before going out on the road again.
They stress that their performance is one that really tries to cater to the crowd. Considered a dynamic show, they aren’t afraid to “rock out” or “bring it down to make it a more intimate performance.” There should be something for everyone at this event, making it a great experience for aspiring performers and music enthusiasts alike. “Aviation and the War” will be performing in the Brew by the Slough at 6 pm on Friday, September 4th.