Review: Punk rock royalty return to the throne

Fighting the allure of nostalgia when reuniting after ten years, the punk rock band, Sleater-Kinney has come together once again to create a new album, “No Cities to Love.”
The album has won over both audience and critics, receiving reviews such as how the “album crackles with the palpable excitement of three rock lifers in a room, eager to see what happens when they plug in and let it rip,” from Rolling Stone Magazine.
Beginning their Reunion tour, the trio of Carrie Brownstein (recognizable from the hit sketch show “Portlandia”), Corin Tucker and Janet Weiss will be featuring their new lineup with a Marquee event at the Spokane Knitting Factory, in their home state of Washington on Feb. 8. The group has planned a worldwide tour going now and ending in Barcelona on May 29.
The CD, with ten tracks of non-stop motion, attacks ideas from self-independence and deluded society in “Bury our Friends” to protesting adulthood in the title piece, “No Cities to Love.”
While classified as a reunion album, this resurgence could provide Sleater-Kinney with a comeback not only to the punk scene, but the music world, with a strong showing. With a distinct feminine message and a decade of differing experiences, the bold new vision could serve as a greater platform.
For those looking for empowerment of the individualistic complexity, the CD is loaded with punchers such as “Hey Darling” and “A New Wave” that are all for taking life in our hands, and being able to “invent our own kind of obscurity.”
For those who have never experienced this group, or this genre before, be prepared for a constant assault of drums and electric guitar all highlighting a vocal style that emphasizes the desperate need to express oneself, the rules of conventionality be damned.
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