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Augustana increases tuition by 3.85%

November 9, 2022

Around 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 9, Kirk Anderson, chief financial officer and vice president of administration announced the tuition increase for the 2023-2024 school year, in an email sent out to...

Inflated college costs and deflated wallets

Inflated college costs and deflated wallets

Allie Rial October 15, 2022

Being able to budget for education, needs and fun strikes a delicate balance, and this year, inflation disrupted it. While the increase in tuition at Augustana may be invisible to first-years who don’t...

Submission: Create change

Zack Horve May 13, 2022

Editor’s note: The author is a representative of the campus group Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA). Here, he expresses his views on labor at Augustana. When the Young Democratic Socialists...

Special collections records absent in discussion of labor rights

Special collections records absent in discussion of labor rights

Aubrey Lathrop May 13, 2022

Every day of the week, millions and millions of people clock in and out of work. The United States relies on every type of job under the sun to keep the gears of life turning and moving forward. On a local...

Co-Editor-in-chief Olivia Doak listens to Managing Editor Carly Davis idea for the graphic design on March 14 at Old Main.

Balancing money and morality

Olivia Doak May 13, 2022

We all know that journalists are not in it for the money, and a college newspaper is no different. You don’t work at the Observer so that you can pay rent or afford groceries. We pay reporters by...

Striking employees, rising prices: What the 2021 John Deere strike means for America’s farmers

Chloe Baxter October 30, 2021

A good harvest is crucial to the continuation of the agricultural cycle, and farm machinery is crucial to that harvest. This makes the 2021 John Deere Strike and its quick resolution all the more critical...

Faculty: Jobs rise, wages stall

October 18, 2014

The U.S. has shown a decrease in unemployment the past month, currently at 5.9 percent, a six-year low, but paychecks haven't been growing, according to the AP. Michael Edmondson, associate vice president...

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