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Augustana community participates in "Die-In"

Paul Croll, professor of sociology looks on with his two children Miranda and Logan. Both Croll children requested to be a part of the protest.

Other than two bystanders saying they were going to be late to class, the Brew was silent from 12:15 to 12:22 p.m. due to a “Die-In” hosted by the Middle Eastern Cultural Appreciation society, the Black Student Union and Latinos Unidos.
Approximately 60 members of the Augustana community laid on the ground in response to acts of racial discrimination in the nation recently, said MECA President Lubna Omar.
She said the event was a way to raise awareness for what is happening in the nation in a non-violent way.
“I just thought it was important as liberal arts students to voice our concerns and to be able to advocate for people who don’t have a voice,” said Omar.
Paul Croll, associate professor of sociology, pulled his two children out of school to attend the protest at their request.
“They think that this is important, and they said they wanted to stand up and show support and solidarity,” said Croll. “They understand that this is a big deal and that people’s lives are being taken away unfairly.”
Logan and Miranda, Croll’s children, held up signs saying “Black Lives Matter” and “Everyone should stand up” during the event.
“We have talked about it since Michael Brown, since all the events this fall,” Croll said. “We talk about what it means to be white kids growing up in America and how lucky they are that they don’t have to be afraid to the same level as their black friends, and they get it, which is really exciting for me.”
Vicky Gillon, who started and ended the protest, said she got involved with the demonstration, because as a Black student, she has witnessed Black people’s reactions to dealing with the police.
“This is the time to know what I would do if I was in the Civil Rights Movement or a part of any huge movement that has happened to make the millions of oppressed people’s voices matter,” said Gillon.
Gillon said that a group of students and her will be having a demonstration on Monday to “keep spreading awareness of police brutality and racism on campus.” She ended the demonstration on Wednesday by starting to chant “Black Lives Matter.”
Gillon said Omar came up the idea of the “Die-In.”
“Lubna is just really awesome for being an ally and for stepping up and taking this role as someone who is not Black but knew the importance of this,” said Gillon.
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Augustana community participates in "Die-In"