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Thai government bans Hunger Games

Hunger Games fans in Thailand may not be able to go see the latest installment in the movie franchise. The Thai goverment has banned the “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 1”, because they are seeing it as a threat to the new leadership of Thailand.
For those who are fans of the Hunger Game series, the silent three-finger salute is a symbolic gesture from the novels. For those unaware, it is a way for characters to show their defiance and strength against the antagonist of the novels, President Snow and the Capital.
In Thailand, this symbolism is becoming an all-too-real threat to the recently altered government. Thai movie goers, such as 21 year old Nachacha Kongudom, are using the gesture to stand up to their own oppressive government.
Kongudom allowed herself to be photographed in front of a “Mockingjay” promotional poster while doing the three-finger salute, and she was promptly arrested by plainclothes police officers afterwards. The photograph was featured on in their article about the ban.
On May 22, 2014 Thailand underwent a coup, and the military seized control of the country. Since the change in government, only army bulletins are being broadcast across the country, a nighttime curfew has been enacted, and the people appear to have no voice.
The Thai government is still currently listed as a constitutional monarchy, with King Bhumibol Adulyadej as the Head of State. In a constitutional monarchy, a monarch acts as head of state within the parameters of a constitution.
Thailands military leaders are the ones who banned the salute, however, as more and more Thai citizens are using it as an act of defiance. According to the ban, any one seen using the gesture is subject to immediate arrest.
The salute is one of the most important aspects of both the novels and the films. It embodies the characters need to be freed from the oppressive and wicked President Snow, and it symbolizes the unity of all the novels districts coming together to overturn his leadership.
Many activists in Thailand, including Kongudom, are hoping to inspire others to come out against the new Thai government by utilizing the salute. The Thai government seems to fear that its own citizens will follow the series lead, and that they will begin a rebellion of their to overcome the new leadership.
The protesters should continue their use of the salute, because it could inspire other Thai citizens to join their cause. The new Thai government is taking away its people’s basic rights of freedom, and more Thai citizens should make a stand against this.

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Thai government bans Hunger Games