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Up and coming Quad City bands get their footing

Wulfbriar performs improvisational blues at the Geneseo, Ill. Moose Lodge in 2014.
Wulfbriar performs improvisational blues at the Geneseo, Ill. Moose Lodge in 2014. Photo provided by Cameron Hodgson.

Local artists said they are determined to keep the music scene in the Quad Cities authentic. Residents who were born and raised in the area are working to make a name for themselves, and the Rock Island venue, Rozz-Tox, is helping to make that possible.
Three bands made up of Quad City 20-somethings will perform at Rozz-Tox on Oct. 3.
The 8 p.m. show will feature GOSH, Wulfbriar and solo act Garrin Jost, performing before Chicago psych rockers, The Hanging Gardens.
GOSH is made up of drummer Kyle Prenevost, 28, guitarist and singer Padraig Steadman, 25, and bassist and singer Claire Lambach, 21, each residents of the Quad City area.
The band struggles to categorize the music they create, according to Steadman.
“It’s like nice little pretty pop love songs made ugly with layers of feedback and distortion,” Steadman said. “It’s very minimal too. Minimal drums and chords.”
Steadman said the initial idea for the band began five years ago, when he met eyes with Lambach.
The couple has only been playing with drummer Prenevost for a few months, though. The band agreed they enjoy playing because of the time they are able to spend with their closest friends.
“I don’t like them,” Steadman said. “No, I do, I love them. It’s fun. I like playing really loud. Jamming is fun. Playing a chord really loud through a wall of fuzz feels good.”
GOSH has played at Rozz-Tox and Ragged Records before, and hopes to continue expanding their reach.
“Well we’re gonna record very very soon,” Steadman said. “We’ve been writing a lot and probably have a whole album worth of material. We’ve been busy the last couple of weeks but normally we practice almost every day. Hopefully one of these days we will go on tour as well.”
Steadman said he looks forward to performing with the other bands on Oct. 3.
“The Hanging Gardens are from Chicago and their drummer, Jim, is my friend and played in my last band, Nude Sunrise,” Steadman said. “Garrin is the man. He’s my bud. It’ll be cool. Wulfbriar is really awesome sounding and I can’t wait to see them play.”
Wulfbriar, made up of three musicians from Geneseo, Ill., is also looking to get their footing in the Quad City music scene, according to guitarist and singer Cameron Hodgson, 22.
“I just want to be Buddy Guy,” Hodgson said. “Those are my dreams and aspirations.”
Hodgson said he, bassist Rob Orendorff and drummer Alex Deleon have known each other since high school, and have been playing together since 2010. Wulfbriar is heavily influenced by blues and rock n’ roll, Hodgson said.
“Our music is all feeling,” Hodgson said. “We’re basically trying to do what Cream did. We’re trying to take guitar, drums and bass as far as it can, not knowing where it will go.”
Hodgson said the band maps out what they will play live, but keeps a spontaneous, improvisational aspect as well.
“Everything is going to be up in the air,” Hodgson said. “We just want to play the heaviest and hardest blues music we can with three people.”
Wulfbriar has played other local shows and records some of their music and jam sessions for their YouTube channel.
Both GOSH and Wulfbriar said they look forward to the Rozz-Tox show and for any other local shows to come.

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Up and coming Quad City bands get their footing