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Fresh approach needed for student party safety

As students enter the third week at Augustana, they are already encountering a feeling of uneasiness involved with partying.
Students believe they are being faced with a choice of ‘have fun, but get in trouble’ or ‘be boring, but avoid trouble’ because of recent rumors that Augustana is going to begin ‘cracking down’ on parties.
Last year, Observer columnist Darien Marion-Burton commented on the rumors that the school was possibly working with the RIPD to crack down on student drinking in the dorms, using breathalyzers and issuing drinking tickets.
If the school, or the RIPD, repeated these tactics, it would only be in an attempt to create a safer, more enjoyable atmosphere on campus.
This has the potential to decrease the chances of an Augustana student finding themselves in trouble while on campus.
Increasing police patrolling on campus could also add tension and unease, further persuading them to look off campus for a good time, where they are unfamiliar, vulnerable and out-of-touch with campus officials that could help them.
Taking this step could be counterproductive, unintentionally pushing students into riskier situations.
Making an effort to stop the parties is not the answer; that would take away one of the most significant parts of the college experience. We are young adults, finally getting a taste of the freedom we’ve been yearning for.
What needs to happen is a further emphasis on partying safely. Knowing the ins and outs of how to party will help to keep us all out of trouble.
Offering seminars that give students researched statistics and tips on how to be safe while at or hosting a party on campus is one possible step.
These seminars could involve professionals who specialize in subjects related to underage drinking on campus, or it could be older students who would share their experiences with partying on campus.
Putting up the “Do the Right Thing” posters in more than just the bathrooms would help more students see them, and be able to use the resources like the RIPD phone number.
All students should continue having an enjoyable time during their stay on campus, but they should also be offered more opportunities to learn what it means to be responsible while partaking in any activities they find themselves involved with.

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Fresh approach needed for student party safety