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Rush Hour 0: Augustana’s pre-rush begins

Augustana College boasts a vibrant Greek Life, with 12 distinct social groups on campus, each with a unique philosophy. With around 40% of students in one of the six social frats and six social sororities, Greek Life is one of the largest communities on campus. 

Although the rush season officially kicks off in spring, Greek groups waste no time establishing their presence. The pre-rush period is a prime opportunity for these groups to showcase their appeal and charm potential new members (PNMs) to consider joining. It also provides a valuable time for students to socialize and get to know others on campus, even if they don’t join a Greek group later on. 

During pre-rush, students aspiring to join Greek Life can attend events organized by various groups, gaining  insight into each one without the immediate pressure of commitment. 

These events provide a chance for PNMs to interact with current members, learn about group values and add valuable information to their mental portfolio for use during the official rush. It’s best to approach pre-rush with an open mind, focusing on enjoying the experience rather than stressing about making an immediate impression. 

I wasn’t even aware of Greek Life until the rush season in the spring, hence missing the whole pre-rush process. Yet, I was able to interact with the members of my fraternity before joining them and made an informed decision to join them later on. 

I haven’t regretted my decision and neither have a lot of people currently in Greek Life, so don’t feel pressured to settle on a group during pre-rush. Pre-rush acts as a way for students to get to know Greek groups better, but it also provides them with the ability to meet new people they may not have otherwise. 

If rushing is something you are not interested in, then I have good news: pre-rush is not exclusive to those interested in participating in the later rush process! This non-binding event is open to everyone, offering a cost-free opportunity to partake in various treats and activities, connect with others and foster new friendships. Pre-rush fall events are over, but last year events also took place during J-Term and may happen again. 

Individuals involved in Greek Life are not limited to forming connections solely within their Greek community, so whether you’re considering joining Greek Life or simply seeking a good time, pre-rush events provide a space for everyone. 

Augustana College’s dynamic Greek Life profoundly influences campus culture. Pre-rush is certainly an occasion for students to explore the diverse offerings of Greek Life, foster connections and gain insights into the various groups. As the campus gears up for the official rush season in the spring, whether you decide to embark on the formal rush journey or not, pre-rush is certainly an enjoyable experience that no one should miss!

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