Seniors present research at Celebration of Learning


Giang Do

Senior Alison Lawrence, majoring in Biology and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, presents her work on May 10, in Old Main 117.

Krystina Slack

At one point or another, almost everyone is going to have to present their work or their research to a group of people. Some audience members could be familiar with your topic, while others may not. Because of this, it is an important skill to be able to explain your research in a way that everyone will understand.

Every year, Celebration of Learning events happen at Augustana. During the spring semester this year, it happened on May 10. This is a time for students to gain or better their abilities to present their research as they will be presenting to a room of their peers and instructors.

Senior Henry Webb is a physics and classics major who has spent a lot of time on both of his Senior Inquiry (SI) presentations.

“My physics SI research is one I’ve been doing for a lot longer. I’ve been doing research with Dr. Frank since the end of my sophomore year. So for about two years now,” Webb said.

Senior Alison Lawerence is a biology and women, gender and sexuality studies major. Lawerence participated in the Celebration of Learning event last year as well as this year.

“I’ve found, especially having been to conferences now, at this point that the Celebration of Learning really mirrors those sorts of academic conferences that you do when you’re presenting your wider research,” Lawerence said. “So, I think it’s really important for students to get exposed to the experience of having to explain their research in multiple formats.”

Celebration of Learning is not only an opportunity for students to show off their work, but it is an opportunity for students to practice how they present their research and findings to a wider audience.

“It has been difficult in some aspects… I have spent a lot of time trying to make sure I put in the right amount and type of introductory information to kind of build up to my topic,” Webb said. “So that even members of the audience who are super familiar with physics can gain at least a basic understanding of what I’m talking about.” 

At Augustana, Celebration of Learning is for everyone to gain knowledge and skills in different areas. Augustana works hard to try and make their students as well versed in various aspects to help them further their careers and their lives.

“A lot of us felt like we weren’t good enough to be there. But when it came to presentations, Augie students blew them away every time,” Lawrence said. “I think that the real strength of education at Augustana is the importance of not only your work, but being able to tell people about it,” Lawrence said.