Davenport residents react to flooding

Kayla Hobbs

On April 23 2023, the streets of Davenport began to flood due to snowmelt further up the Mississippi in Minnesota and Wisconsin. This flood affected the residents’ way of life due to the blockage of pathways in the area. 

Businesses throughout the area have been affected. For example, Freight House Farmers’ Market in Davenport has been impacted by the flooding when it comes to business and travel. Vendors from the market were impacted as well and not all of the vendors that were set up are not coming back for the new location of the Farmer’s Market. 

“We kind of had to reboot everything,” Missy Carter, the operations manager for Freight House, said. “Three quarters of our vendors are set up in the new location.”

Their parking lot was submerged and the water almost reached the building. The outdoor market, which is typically set up in the parking lot of Freight House, was moved to a different location. Freight House reached out through social media to inform their customers that the market is still running. 

Overall, there is a sense of disappointment because we aren’t home,” Carter said. “Everyone has been very resilient to our new opening.” 

Students from Augustana have been affected by the flooding because it cuts off their means of transportation. This could affect the students’ lives and the citizens of the town. 

First-Year Daniel Gluzkin has witnessed and noticed how others were affected by the flood.

“The side roads were closed off,” Gluzkin said. “From what I have seen, the water was about seven to eight inches. I feel like the flood has impacted a lot of citizens and not just by driving, but because of the damage it has caused.” 

The City of Davenport website updates the flood every other day and gives detailed information about the flood. Per the website on May 7, the flood crested at 21.51 feet Monday, May 1.

We remain a bit on the high side of things with today’s river stage at 19.5 feet, but are looking forward to the river falling below the Major Flood Stage of 18 feet sometime, Wednesday, May 10,” the website said.

The website also states that some of the city is planning to reopen next week to give people a sense of normality. The website also helps citizens with how to go about the flood. It guides with directions on where not to go or precautions for the citizens of Davenport.

While the flood remains as high as it is, many public areas are closed. The website advised against driving through or swimming in floodwater. “For safety, the entire Riverfront Recreation Trail and Walk are closed, Riverfront Parks (LeClaire, Veterans Memorial, Marquette Dog Off Leash) are closed, The Skate Park is closed, Credit Island is closed, the boat dock at Marquette Landing is not in place,” The City of Davenport said.