EDM glow paint party lights up fall break


Chris Ferman

Workers drench Augie students in glow paint at the EDM Glow Party on Friday, Oct 21 2022.

Priyanjana Chaudhary

To add a spark to fall break and start off Halloween celebrations, The Office of Student Life (OSL) and Late at Night held an EDM glow paint party in the lower quad on Oct. 21. 

This event was handled by senior Isha Shrestha and junior Jared Slusher. The theme of the party was glow, neon and Halloween. There was Electronic Dance Music (EDM), snacks and soft drinks to enjoy the night. The paint sprayed from the stage to make the crowd glow in the dark was unique to this event. 

“The biggest part of this event was coordinating with the DJs,” Slusher said. “The process was pretty fun, but also stressful ‘cause a lot of things went into planning and marketing it.” 

There were songs from Avicii, Coldplay, Nicki Minaj, OneRepublic, Martin Garrix, Diplo and more. This event was advertised as a good way to celebrate Halloween. There was Halloween music, and the lights were Halloween-themed. 

“We wanted to plan this event as we thought it would be a fun way to get people excited for Halloween weekend and also [be] a change of pace from other events,” Slusher said. “We decided not to have people wear costumes specifically because we figured out people wouldn’t want to get paint on their costumes. That’s why we encourage people to wear something white.”

Even without costumes, sophomore Ruby Gerhardt said there was a strong connection to the holiday, and the event offers students a good chance to socialize.

“Halloween and EDM go together very well,” Gerhardt said. “I think everyone should go to a festival at least once in their life because you meet so many different types of people. It really opens your eyes to how accepting and caring the people around you are.”

This event was unique because while the DJs were playing songs, they were also throwing paint at the audience. Everyone was glowing after the paint was thrown all over the people. It also attracted other people who were passing by to join the crowd. It was a good way to start off the weekend with friends. Everyone enjoyed the event with each other. 

This event was a good way for students to have fun and socialize after stressful midterms. 

“There are a lot of people that go solo, just by themselves, and then they get to meet so many new people and socialize, join the group and have fun together,” Gerhardt said. “Everyone’s just so welcoming and encouraging.”

These kinds of parties are a form of entertainment that doesn’t require a lot of thought or effort to have a good time. Students can dance and make new friends in a friendly environment. 

First-year Sofia Garza attended the EDM party with her friends.

“The EDM paint party was a lot of fun, the music flowed well, and the paint flowed even better,” Garza said. “I would definitely go to it again with my friends.”