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Elizabeth Warren’s town hall inspires the Augustana community

Senator Elizabeth Warren has a photo taken with children who attended the town hall event at North High School in Davenport, IA on Sunday November 3. Photo by Kevin Donovan

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D. – Mass.), a top contender for the democratic nomination in the 2020 presidential race, spoke about her plans for the environment and wealth tax at a Town Hall in North High School Davenport, Nov. 3, 2019.
Augustana students and faculty were seen at the Town Hall. They came as either supporters or observers to hear what Warren politically stands for.
Warren’s plan for the environment includes investing in sustainable agriculture, an issue that affects Iowans directly.
“Two things are happening simultaneously in Iowa. That water is being pulled out of the water table,” Warren said, “[and] at the same time…. big massive flooding in Iowa.”
Warren’s plan also includes rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, investing $2 trillion in green manufacturing, reaching zero-carbon pollution in residential buildings by 2028 and investing in green infrastructure, according to her campaign website.
“2020 is our time in history, our time to fight for a Green New Deal and save our planet,” Warren said.
Students from Augustana also cared about America’s current environmental state.
“When I went to Kamala, she didn’t mention anything environmental at all, so I want to know what [Warren] would do, because that’s the most important factor for me this election,” sophomore Megan Anderson said. 
Warren also mentioned her new wealth tax plan.
“We want to put a wealth tax on the top 1/10th of 1 percent,” Warren said. 
Through this wealth tax, those with an income above $50 million, will be taxed two cents for every dollar they make past $50 million, and then three cents for every dollar made after 1 billion in income.
“With those two cents, we can invest on universal childcare, universal preschool for children, $800 billion for public schools and raise wages for childcare workers,” Warren said to the crowd.
The U.S. in 2015-2017 spent $709 billion in public education, according to the National Center For Education Statistics.
In addition, that wealth tax could help achieve tuition free community college and public colleges, Warren said. 
“I’m impressed with Warrens deep and broad vision for curbing corporate greed and thinking very systematically about policies that aid the rich and disenfranchise the poor,” Dr. Jason Mahn, a religion professor at Augustana, said.
Warren also mentioned the importance of voting and voter suppression in the U.S.
“We need a constitutional amendment to protect the right of every citizen to vote and get that vote counted,” Warren said.
Augustana students and faculty also recognize the importance of voting and educating themselves for the upcoming primary and caucus season. 
First-year Gwendolyn Flannery said she has seen 14 candidates thus far for the upcoming elections. 
“It’s always been a big part for me and my family to go see [political candidates],” Flannery said.
“If young people don’t feel like their vote matters, I think our country becomes directionless,”  Mahn said.
Some students from Augustana volunteered for Warren’s event. Sophomore Maddie Schaefer helped by checking people into the event.
“It was definitely cool to see… [there are] people who are already very passionate about Elizabeth Warren and some people [who] are just coming to see what’s going on,” Schaefer said.
“I hope Augustana continues to take part in these things and lead our community.” Mahn said.
Senator Elizabeth Warren has a photo taken with children who attended the town hall event at North High School in Davenport, IA on Sunday November 3. Photo by Kevin Donovan.

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Elizabeth Warren’s town hall inspires the Augustana community