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    Q: What are the main factors that have motivated you to pursue volleyball in college?
    A: “When I started playing at a young age, I just wanted to do it for myself because it was fun. My mom encouraged me to continue on with volleyball in high school and it just took off from there.”
    Q: What qualities make up a strong volleyball player?
    A: “Hard work for sure and patience. Practice is where you improve, and I think that making the effort to go to every meeting [and] every game helps improve your overall ability.”
    Q: Tell me about practice. If I were on the team, what would the on and off season look like?
    A: “My coach is great at leading the team at the beginning of every practice. She helps motivate us and likes to see us sweat. Personally I try to work on something different so that I can continue to get better for the next game.”
    Q: What has been your toughest personal challenge and why?
    A: “My toughest challenge has been consistency. I have gotten better over time but I have to remember to brush off the mistakes I make so that I can focus on the next play.”
    Q: How does the team move forward after a tough loss?
    A: “I take every loss as a lesson. I learn from my mistakes and use them to further improve my game for the next match. A loss is just a loss and doesn’t mean the end of the world in the long run.” 
    Q: How do you deal with high pressure on the court during a game?
    A: “I feel that if I just play my game and not get so worked up, then I am able to control my nerves.”
    Q: What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about playing volleyball in college?
    A: “Just give it a chance. I have friends that did not continue to play who wished they would have. At least get a taste of what could be a really amazing experience. You can only get better along the way.”

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