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February 24, 2024

The Chicago women’s march was rightfully cancelled

The Women’s March held in Grant Park Chicago has been cancelled this year due to claimed logistic issues. The march started in 2017 and has drawn thousands of women from all around. The Chicago Women’s March Board said that due to the tremendous amounts of people who were projected to attend, it was both costly and a safety risk for those marching. The organization is encouraging those who had planned to attend the march in Chicago to focus on impacting their own communities with smaller marches and other political service activities.
Although, speculators think that the cause for cancellation is due to the fact that the Women’s March leadership allegedly has ties with Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan is a leader of the Nation of Islam group based in Chicago. This particular Nation of Islam group has been specified as a anti-Semitic hate group. Anti-Semitic meaning prejudice against Jews.
The Women’s March organization is thought to be in cahoots with Farrakhan when he praised them and their work in the same speech where he said: “the powerful Jews are my enemy.”
Since then, the organization has been accused of bigotry of all types, all of which they have denied.
Personally, I have always been a huge fan of women marches and what they stand for. Uniting women in a common belief can be very inspiring and impactful for some women. But once things such as race, religion, and a persons born sex comes up, that all goes away. Women are once again divided and no longer united. I think what a lot of women who are supportive of women’s marches and unity tend to blame problems of race and religion on men. For example, saying women aren’t racists but men are.
That’s obviously not true and is truly ridiculous. But it is a mindset a lot of women have and it can be detrimental in the way people are treated. With the allegations of being anti-Semitic though, the Women’s March Organization kind of breaks that mindset because here is an organization that’s one and only focus is to unify all women with the exception of what, Jewish women?  It’s purely hypocritical.
A group can’t be out there advocating united women and not include one group based on their religion. That’s not unification, that’s exclusion, and besides being petty, it’s hurtful to that group of people.
On that note, I am glad that the Women’s March in Chicago is cancelled because the last message that needs to be spread is the message of hate. Even though the leaders of the Women’s March choose to be small-minded, that does not seem to be effecting other members of Women’s Marches that will march for the unity of all women.

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The Chicago women’s march was rightfully cancelled