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Greek Life students are more than their stereotypes

With lots of Augustana students preparing to start sorority and fraternity rushing this weekend, excitement as well as concern lingers in the air. Contrary to the stereotypical stigma of sorority girls and frat boys being airheads with “lower GPA’s” and “cult-like” tendencies, Greek Life is something positive that a college student should participate in if their heart truly desires.
Rushing is a fun time to get to know other students and members of a sorority or fraternity. For those who are social butterflies rushing is a fun experience.
For those not interested in rushing,their views of Greek Life commonly fall on the same notion that joining Greek Life is a way to make superficial friends you “pay for.” In actuality sorority and fraternity dues go towards budgets for different events, a big one being recruitment. So you’re not paying for friends but you are paying a reasonable price and actually getting your money’s worth back.
Especially here at Augustana, Greek Life is way more affordable than at most schools where it can cost upwards of thousands of dollars to be apart of.
Throughout television and whispered among students, Greek Life students are always stereotyped as “stupid.”
However, statistics debunk the common belief that Greek Life students are “stupid,” they instead show that they’re known for having higher GPA’s than most students. They also on average have higher salaries in their careers than other students do. This is because Greek Life students are really intelligent individuals with really impeccable social skills.
Greek Life students are very social. But being social doesn’t mean these students are “heavy partiers with no valuable skills.” In reality social skills are highly valued since basic social skills are necessary to network in the career-world.
In addition, Greek Life students also contribute a lot to society by constantly doing volunteer work.
Despite negative connotations, Greek Life students are hard-working and sociable like Elle Woods from ‘Legally Blonde.’ These students are intelligent individuals who add valuable contributions to society.

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Greek Life students are more than their stereotypes