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Corrupt democrats don’t deserve votes

The recent mid-term election spawned many happy democrat voters. Despite voting democrat as well, my vote didn’t ignite that same happiness. More specifically, voting for billionaire J.B. Pritzker for Illinois Governor didn’t feel right.
Recently, the democratic party has become known for its corruption, from Hillary Clinton’s emails to Pritzker’s scandals. I can safely say I don’t support the democratic party. Earlier in the year, it was discovered that Pritzker and his wife, M. K. Pritzker, got $330k in tax breaks by hiring a contractor to remove five toilets from one of their mansions so it could be reassessed at a lower value.
Personally, I feel like a billionaire doesn’t represent the views of the middle-class and lower income citizens, especially a billionaire who commits tax fraud. How can I trust someone to better Illinois when they’re just another corrupt politician?
It doesn’t make anything better knowing that his campaign spokeswoman, Galia Slayen, seems to think this information was leaked for political purposes. I don’t think they understand that an important figure committing tax fraud goes beyond politics; it isn’t even legal.
Some may argue that despite everything, democrats like Pritzker still care about real issues of the people. I beg to differ.
The FBI released an audio from 2008, after Obama had been elected for president, of Pritzker speaking to the now imprisoned and former governor, Rod Blagojevich.
In this audio Pritzker suggests that Jesse White, Secretary of State, should fill Obama’s seat in the senate, in order to “fix the African-American issue.”
He then also says that, “you’re not forced to put an African-American in the spot . . . but my guess is [there’s] a lot of pressure to do it.”
Pritzker’s comments prove that he doesn’t actually care about minorities such as African-Americans, he just pretends to support them because of public pressure. So how could I trust him to support other racial minorities such as myself?
Many democrats like Pritzker claim to support liberal ideas like feminism and claim to support minorities in order to use us for their votes. As much as I hate the republican party at least they can admit to not supporting liberal ideas, whereas democratic politicians pretend to be liberal.
The only reason why many democratic politicians still vote for laws in liberal favor is so the constituents vote them back into the government, but honestly, they couldn’t care less about the people. This is why democratic politicians aren’t always actively trying to make a difference, but rather do the bare minimum that will get them re-elected.
The democratic party as a whole has lost my support. The people need to stop voting in the primaries for these corrupt democrats such as Clinton in 2016 and now Pritzker in 2018. Instead the people should make educated votes from research, to vote candidates that care like Bernie Sanders in 2016, and Daniel Biss in the 2018 primaries for Illinois governor. I don’t want to continue voting for the lesser-evil.

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Corrupt democrats don’t deserve votes