Paradigm Provides Unique Gaming Environment

William Sikich

Where can you find enhanced video gaming experiences, high-end PC gaming equipment, and a unique social environment all in the same place? The answer came to Davenport, Iowa just six weeks ago, and its name is Paradigm. Paradigm Virtual Reality Gaming and Training is unlike most gaming canters you’ll encounter as it offers a wide mix of rare services and equipment. Called a “virtual reality and esports center” by night-and-weekend manager Justin Grubbs, it’s a place where people can go with their friends and teammates to enjoy both of these services in Paradigm’s tailored social environment.
Among the equipment available for rent at Paradigm are high-end PCs, Nintendo Switch consoles, and several different styles of VR gaming experiences. Additionally, food and coffee are available for purchase during all hours of operation, making Paradigm one of the only coffee shop environments in the area open after nine o’clock. Besides providing these services, Paradigm aims to be somewhere that social gamers can go to have fun. “Just come and hang outcome, bring your consoles. If you’re someone who likes to play ‘Pokemon Go,’ we’re a hotspot for that. We’re working on becoming an official spot for ‘Magic: the Gathering,'” Said Grubbs. “If you’re someone who wants to go out on a Friday night, but you’re not the kind of person who likes to go to bars, we’re here.”
Recently, Augustana’s varsity Overwatch team traveled to Paradigm to face off against St. Ambrose in Augustana’s first match as a team. While Augustana didn’t win the game, the team is optimistic. “Our game against St. Ambrose gave us a lot of insight as to what we have to work on, and so we’re working a lot of things out,” said varsity Overwatch team member Christina Marie Peterson. About her experience at Paradigm during the game, Peterson said “everyone was really nice, the arena was really cool. I really like their setup. It was one of the nicest computers I’ve played on.”
Paradigm also appears to be the only location of its kind available to the gaming community. “You can find virtual reality facilities in the world. You can find esports facilities in the world. But, I am just about 100% certain that we are the only facility on the entire planet that offers both in one location,” said Grubbs when asked about what sets Paradigm apart. So, if you’re a person who enjoys video games, but you also enjoy being social and just hanging out with your friends, Paradigm seems to be the one and only destination that might fully and uniquely match your needs.