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February 24, 2024

Is Brett Kavanagh A Rapist?

With a hearing on Sept. 24, President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanagh, may soon be out of the running.
Christine Blasey Ford is accusing Judge Kavanagh of sexually assaulting her when they were both teenagers. Being accused of sexual assault has hindered not only Kavanagh’s image, but also his once respectable reputation. With midterm elections quickly approaching, Kavanagh’s chances of winning could be in danger by this accusation.
Just like with any sexual assault accusations, no one wants to think that what the victim is saying could be true, except in Kavanagh’s case. President Trump, as well as the rest of the Republican Party, were quick to try and discredit Ford by asking her why she didn’t tell anyone sooner. 
Before any more clap-backs can happen or political moves can be pulled, this accusation of sexual assault made by Ford should be further and thoroughly investigated.
Just because this sexual assault case is getting more attention than others does not mean that it’s true. But that does not mean that it isn’t true either. This accusation is tricky not only because of its view in the public eye, but also because of the huge time lapse between the incident and when the victim decide to speak about it. Not trying to put any blame on the victim, I’m just simply pointing that out.
Instead of being able to go off of facts like a more recent case could, this case has become a huge ‘he said, she said’ argument. I really don’t know who to believe.
But, in Kavanagh’s defense, Fox News reported that 65 women with whom he went to high school stepped forward and defended his honor stating that “he behaved honorably and treated women with respect.”
I want to believe Ford because so many sexual assault victims are never believed, but, on the other hand, only male entitlement and misogyny makes it wrong to believe Kavanaugh. There is nothing to prove who is right and who is wrong except moral compasses, and—let’s be real—even those can be corrupt.
In addition to this, if Kavanagh is found guilty, then his chances of becoming a Justice of the Supreme Court will be nonexistent, which—considering why—would be a good thing. The last thing this government needs is another rapist to be put in a position of power. But, if Kavanagh is found innocent, then he would still have a chance for a spot among the Supreme Court.
The thing is, this accusation will follow him wherever he goes because there will always be the question: What if he did actually assault Christine Blasey Ford? Would America be so vain, so naive, as to think it would be alright to vote him into office? Honestly, and God help us, yes.
The outcome of the sexual assault case against Judge Kavanaugh will be one with no good answer. Weather he is convicted or not, the stigma and the what if’s will follow Kavanaugh throughout his career.

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Is Brett Kavanagh A Rapist?