Trump year in review

Alex McLean

Whether you loved it or hated it, 2017 was a wild ride. Donald Trump is president and new norms are being set daily. Trump has been creating controversy after controversy with every passing day. He has set many goals for his first year of presidency, listed in his first 100 days on the White House website. Fortunately, Trump completed a few of these accomplishments like lobbying bans and Obama-era gun control repeal. Unfortunately, much on this list is still incomplete, but many supporters are still confident that these policies and promises will still be completed in the next three years.
Primarily, Trump began the repeal of Obamacare. This massive Obama-era healthcare bill began to undergo repeal in mid-2017, shortly after President Trump’s inauguration. This repeal, however, took a back-burner after Trump was blocked several times by Congress and the other checks of the government.
Secondly, Trump was able to get a tax reform bill in action that is set to be passed by both houses. This bill was widely anticipated by conservatives and thought to be a bill to reduce unnecessary tax breaks and give more money back to the people.
Thirdly, Donald Trump was able to install Neil Gorsuch as a Supreme Court justice. This installment was a big part of his young presidency, as he was able to do what Obama did not have the time to do during his 8 years. Also during these 12 months of Donald Trump’s leadership, the United States has had the lowest unemployment in 17 years.
The tumultuous presidency of Donald Trump has brought forth many issues and talking points that will be ultimately responsible for the future of our society. With the new age of politics being fought out over social media, we are entering an era of politicians having a digital footprint. Trump’s presidency has shown the full power of media and media attention, and these next 3 years and beyond will be a more wild and interesting ride regarding human society.