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    Tone it down, Extrav

    This last weekend was one of Christmas spirit galore, which is something I have been known to be quite fond of, but when mixed with copious amounts of alcohol, I’m not a particular fan.
    I have nothing against college parties, and I have absolutely nothing against the Christmas tradition of Extravaganza. The one thing I’m not so appreciative of is the in-your-face-ness of the whole ordeal.
    Perhaps it’s because of my status as a non-greek student that I don’t fully understand the desire to dress up like North Pole Natives and walk around in the cold for an entire day constantly consuming alcohol, but nevertheless, I would prefer to stay in the comfort of my own room with Netflix and homework to keep me entertained. I recognize this is the unpopular opinion, and I’m not trying to convince Extrav participants that I’m more right than they are. These are not opinions one can argue; they’re simply personality traits.
    However, as a human with a differing personality, I would still appreciate the courtesy from Extrav-goers to enjoy my Saturday in without the distinct smell of smoke and beer filling up my hallway or consuming the dining hall as I attempt to eat dinner. I would prefer that some of my friends didn’t feel the need to hide off-campus for the entire day. I could especially do without the judgemental looks in reaction to the very obvious fact that I don’t participate in Extrav.
    I’m not asking for Extrav to stop completely. I would never wish that upon all the people I know that thoroughly enjoy their Extrav experiences. I wish for them to have as much fun at their Christmas parties as I wish to have in my hibernation. It’s a tradition, and I fully expect it to continue. I just hope that the tradition could take place in a slightly less obnoxious way.
    However, the differing personalities aren’t quite the only reason I find it inappropriate for Extrav to be so prominent. Even if it were my personality to join in the Extravaganza, I’m not physically able due to specific medication I take on the daily. I know I can’t be the only student on this campus that fits this criteria, so it seems inevitable to me that there is at least one student, probably more, that watches the Extrav around them, unable to participate, left with a sinking belief that they are being left out.
    So, Extrav attenders, for the sake of your unlucky peers and your GDI classmates, please turn down the Extrav.

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    Tone it down, Extrav