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Nobody cares about your opinion on ‘which new cell phone is better’

People have been talking up a storm about the new iPhone releases, and as someone who has used iPhones for the last few years, I couldn’t be more annoyed. Not because of the features of the phones, or the prices, or shape, or colors, but because it is possibly the most tedious thing anyone could ever talk about. Every time a new phone comes out, the war between Apple and Android and whatever else comes back into daily conversation. People begin to compare things like “Android has had this technology available for the last 4 phones” or “Apple is easier to use”. Then they move on to compare things they don’t even understand, like what kind of “chip” their phone uses and so on forever until I’ve died of boredom.
It’s the same every year. You spend $500 dollars (or whatever it is with your contract) and use your 4G LTE turbo-mega internet connection to watch a 4k snapchat of your friend drunkenly puking into a bucket last night.
I can’t understand why people care so much about these sorts of things. What does it matter what kind of phone people are buying? Is it that everyone needs to know that your phone is cheaper, and has a better camera? We know that 99% of the use of that camera is you taking dark, shaky videos of that crazy thing Becky did at the district.
I’m not saying that phones aren’t great. Since upgrading to a smartphone about 5 years after everyone and their mothers did, I absolutely see why people like them. They are a blast. I have more ways than ever to express “f- you” to my friends hundreds of miles away (and even choose the skin tone of the emoji as I send them the middle finger!)
But to pretend for even a moment that your new phone is in any way distinguishable from the last brick you had is laughable. I have serious doubts that the way people have used their phones has changed noticeably in the last 5 years. If it has, I have more doubts that it’s because the screen curves all the way around the edges now (woah).
Buy whichever phone you prefer. It doesn’t matter. Unless you have a Windows phone, in which case you might as well communicate through smoke signals what is wrong with you.
If you need to spend $1000 on a new iPhone X to assert dominance over Jack’s obviously stupid Galaxy s8, or you just cannot live another moment without being able to charge your phone wirelessly, buy it. Enjoy it. Please stop talking about it.

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Nobody cares about your opinion on ‘which new cell phone is better’