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T-Swift fights back in fresh, fierce single

On August 24, Taylor Swift released her newest single “Look What You Made Me Do”, that has not only left Swifties but a large portion of mainstream media looking for more.
Taylor has not released a new album since 1989 in 2014, and “Look What You Made Me Do,” gave Taylor’s audience a good taste of what to expect from her new album, Reputation, that she will be releasing on November 10.
The music video opens to an aerial view of a cemetery with thunder rolling in the background and the letters “TS” spelled out in tombstones.  The camera then pans to Taylor emerging undead and zombie-like out of one of the graves.
 As the video continues Taylor is portrayed in many different scenarios—from soaking in a bathtub of jewels to sitting on a throne and being served tea by a snake—which is supposed to represent the media’s portrayal of her, as well as call out those who have wronged her over the years.
Perhaps the most interesting scene occurred near the end of the video. Taylor is presented standing atop a mountain of past Taylors from other music videos and red carpet events. With the swing of her arms, the “new Taylor” throws her past selves, who seems to be yelling and flailing, all in different directions.  
These old versions of Taylor then appear again at the end of the video arguing with each other using phrases that the media and other celebrities have used to criticize her until they all scream “shut up!” in unison ending the video.
These artistic metaphors that Taylor uses are visually quite jarring and anything but subtle.  Even the lyrics are laced with this frank message through the repeated phrase “look what you just made me do” in reference to all the media and celebrity backlash that has shaped her career.  In fact, in one scene Taylor answers an old phone saying “I’m sorry; the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now.  Why? Oh, because she’s dead”, emphasizing how different she has become over the years.  
Now, Taylor Swift has been portrayed as being rather dramatic in the past by the media, and while I do think that this music video was just that, I really enjoyed it.  I thought that Taylor’s artistic choices were honest, genuine and a great expression of what it is like to live under the eyes of the media.  
In terms of the actual song, I really enjoyed the percussive attributes that were heard in the bass but also in the chorus.  Most of the song does not consist of her usual strong vocals but rather spoken words, and while I have heard many people criticize the song for this, I think it makes her statement that much more personal.  And if there is one thing I can say about Taylor Swift, it’s that she is always willing to get personal through her music. “Look What You Made Me Do” showcases that vulnerability perfectly.
Overall, the “Look What You Made Me Do” music video was perhaps one of my favorites that Taylor Swift has created recently, and I’m excited to see what she does with her new album in November.

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T-Swift fights back in fresh, fierce single