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    Cold Play "Head Full of Dreams" Album Review

    Coldplay, still doing an awesome job remaining relevant all of these years, may have finally come to a satisfying close with their newest album, “A Head Full of Dreams.”
    Released on Dec. 4, their seventh album has managed to produce tracks that are worth listening to. These songs are all a comeback, a ray of sunshine, ever since the announcement of the possible split for the group. It’s fresh, and it amplifies what the group has been trying to send as a message through their music all this time: “we live in a beautiful world.”
    They show this by managing to include so many stars from different genres: Stargate, Nik Simpson, Noel Gallagher, Beyoncé, and even Merry Clayton, that woman who did the famous back-up vocals in Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter,” and had a miscarriage from it (Don’t believe me? Look it up). On top of all of that, they even have President Obama in there with a recording of him singing “Amazing Grace.”
    Coldplay takes all of these different variables and throws them into one will mixed album, an album that definitely has a lighter and fast paced tone compared to their previous “Ghost Stories” album released a year and a half ago. “Adventure of a Lifetime,” is the best representation of the album. It hooks the listener in with catchy strumming and rhythms.
    Other tracks, of course, follow suit. “Fun,” although a little slower than the average album song, reflects with a bitter sweet melody that remind us it’s ok that it’s over because we had such a great time getting here.
    “Hymn for the Weekend” opens with Beyoncé and continues with a really catchy and groovy feel. It definitely fits the kind of atmosphere one would find at a party. The lyrics, “drunk and high,” summarize a feeling of drunk off of life tone, and shouldn’t be taken as a reference to real substance abuse.
    “A Head Full of Dreams,” the opening track, storm in a kicks off the party with a strong bass, and pleasantly leads into the album. It too is a bright, up beat-ish song that strongly prepares the listener, especially if that listener is new to Coldplay, what they’re in for.
    Going back to “Adventure of a Lifetime” just captures what one would assume to be in an adventure of a lifetime. The chorus hits the ears really well, and the lyrics summarize and hit home of what it likes to be caught in a magical moment that one will never forget. It’s mesmerizing to say the least.
    These are only a few examples of what “Head Full of Dreams” works. Yeah, it probably won’t be considered Coldplay’s best album, but fans of old and new will be excited to download and listen to Coldplay’s successful attempt in following their footsteps for creating feel good and rhythmic tunes.

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    Cold Play "Head Full of Dreams" Album Review