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Around 200 students kicked off the journey of Greek Life by attending the Recruitment Rally on Sunday, Jan. 15 at Centennial Hall and received more information on rush.
All students who are not actively members of a sorority or fraternity are allowed to join. All chapters of Greek Life attended the event. The recruitment co-chairs, Laura Beitler and Joseph DuRocher, spoke at the rally and talked about all the opportunities that Greek Life has to offer as invited active members to the stage.
Greek Life has given many colleges students a “home away from home”, which is what many up on stage were saying were their reasons for joining their groups. Through Greek Life, students have opportunities of leadership, scholarships, and volunteer hours.
First-year Anna Thoma attended the rally and tried to have no expectations of what would happen. She’s heard positive things about Greek Life, but today would be the deciding factor on whether or not she’ll rush.
Similarly, first-year Mason Crawford wants to “keep an open mind” during this process and will definitely go through the process.
The rally started with a roll call of all 14 Greek chapters at Augustana. Beitler and DuRocher showed a video of each group, and then invited recruitment members to the stage. Two members from every chapter went on stage to tell the audience what they love about Greek Life. Answers included how they have met their best friends, they always have a brother/sister around campus, and the support system is like no other.
Isabelle Warren, a sophomore and a member of the Zeta Phi Kappa sorority, would tell all students who rush to, “go into it with an open mind. All of the Greek groups are amazing in their own way, and they offer so many incredible things.”
This rally is the biggest turn out for potential new members. Because of the potential members and the active members being in the same room, it is the first real introduction into Greek Life.
DuRocher gave advice for potential members to “meet every chapter with the same expectations of ‘this could be a learning experience for me’ and ‘this could be my potential home.’”
Beitler’s advice was “when going through the process make sure to stay engaged in the conversation and really talk to the members” and know that the actives are “just as nervous going through this and want you just as bad.”
If any student missed the rally and wants to register, there is a sign up table in the Brew on Monday through Wednesday. Anyone with questions about Greek Life can email [email protected] or [email protected].

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