Moving Forward

Many of us have now had time to come to terms with the election, weeks have past and thanksgiving has been had with hopefully not too many awkward political discussions among families. So for many of us it is time to begin moving forward and say “Okay, what next?” Whether you supported President Elect Trump, despised him with every inch of your being, or were indifferent about any of the candidates running, he is the president. While true there are recounts being funded by Jill Stein at her Website, where at the time of writing this has raised nearly 6 million out of the 7 million needed in order to fund the last state (Pennsylvania), until that has been concluded and we have seen if there was any need for a recount we need to move forward as if Donald Trump will be sworn in as President of the United States.
Trump has backpedaled on a lot of issues since he was announced the winner, however to say that is comforting for most is a little hard when he is known to regularly change his opinion on subjects of importance. His cabinet picks are what are scaring a lot of people however and with these choices, Steve Bannon being one of the scariest not just to Liberals but conservatives alike. It’s looking extremely scary and unpredictable for everyone, considering, with Trump you just don’t know what you’re getting. So really ask yourself, what next?
Many people have protested Trump and are petitioning for the electoral college to not vote for him which could work technically. In 24 states the electoral college can vote however they like, including swing states such as Pennsylvania, Iowa and New Hampshire. So to that extent I encourage you to protest if that is what you desire, as long as it is peaceful. Protest is a very strong freedom in our country from our first amendment, however, never let your message get lost in hatred. So say you don’t believe in Trump’s message and want to protest him without going out into the cold nights and marching around Trump tower, what do you do?
If you have a problem with a policy Trump wants to enact, raise awareness. Tell your friends, share it on social media(after you fact check it from a few different sources hopefully), write your state representatives. If you want to protect your rights and the rights of others then you have an obligation to make sure your voices is heard and that your spread awareness of it. However, remember that you can’t just fight Trump. While some policies he may bring fourth could be harmful to many, try to recognize when he brings fourth a plan that will actually help people.
I understand if you want nothing to do with him, if you hate him and despise everything he is you are entitled to that feeling. However, remember if we just try to make Trump fail for four years so does a lot of our country. You can protest his bill on immigration while also supporting a bill that brings prosperity to middle and lower class workers and not be a hypocrite. Remember we are a country of extreme diversity, we have people from all walks of life. Our goal should be to work towards a better tomorrow, and fight any bills that would make it a darker one.