Bad Moms, Bad Movie

Katherine Hogan

Boasting of a terrific cast with actresses such as Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn and Kristen Bell, I definitely had high hopes for Bad Moms.  However, I felt that Bad Moms was a major letdown.
The movie’s topic was a very relevant one—the struggles American moms go through day in and day out to try and be the perfect and ideal mother.  This can be a tough job when in modern times many are single mothers or work as well as taking care of their family, like the characters of Bad Moms.
However, I was incredibly disappointed with how Bad Moms went about confronting this hard-hitting topic.  Instead of focusing on the problems of trying to fit the perfect mother stereotype and how that effects relationships, this movie glosses over many issues such as the fact that Kristen Bell’s character seemed to be in an abusive relationship and yet no one did anything.  Also, the divorce between Mila Kunis’s character and her husband was barely shown, which is a shame because divorce rates in America are skyrocketing.
Instead, the moms suddenly decide spur of the moment to ditch the stereotype and be “bad moms” since they can’t be perfect ones without any real explanation to their families.  Bad Moms definitely had its share of funny scenes which were much appreciated, but I felt that these clashed with how potentially serious the topic is.  I also felt that the craziness of the Bad Moms was over-done because I don’t really think a good mom would really go that bad in the span of a 5 minute decision.
All in all, I felt that the topic of Bad Moms is definitely culturally relevant but was obscured with crazy characters doing crazy things so that in the end viewers probably do not end up thinking about how much our moms do for us but instead think about how crazy Kathryn Hahn’s character was.