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Trump Reaching to minorities

The last year of Donald Trump’s run for presidency have been incredible.
The candidate is an anomaly, winning the primaries and the republican nomination by a startling margin, all the while being the least-qualified and most repulsive candidate that any of us have ever witnessed.
On his way to the republican national convention, every other headline in the news was about Trump doing something horrible, like suggesting that all immigrants from Mexico are rapists or bringing drugs (and assuming some might be good people).
Even after winning the nomination he continued this behavior, such as insulting a Gold Star family because of their religion.
To many disillusioned Americans, a man that doesn’t seem to fit into politics is exactly what they are looking for. Similar to the “Brexit” crowd, many are looking less to actually win and more to make a statement. To the Trump crowd, America is being stolen from them (the “Americans”) and they are being left behind. To have an aggressive, powerful man that reiterates their fears running for presidency sends that message loud and clear.
However, the campaign after the conventions is a different animal, and Trump’s campaign has failed to adjust. Trump has continued to trail Clinton, while dabbling away in one controversy after another.
Trump’s campaign recognized this, and is suddenly making attempts to diversify their voter base and send a more inclusive message.
Since Trump’s campaign is founded on fear, frustration, and laying blame on any group of people that isn’t white Americans, this insincere move is too little too late.
After a campaign of alienating minorities and women, Trump suddenly trying to appeal to black voters by suggesting that they “have nothing to lose”, or taking pictures in a black church is a little optimistic.
In fact, trying to suddenly be the “inclusive” candidate could lose Trump some support. His enthusiastic base values his unapologetic behavior and offensive personality, and this could be seen as him backing down from what he’s been saying.
Trump probably knows that he won’t gain any more minority votes, and could run the risk of losing some of his already established base, which means that this a desperate move.
Trump knows that his message of anger and fear has gained him as much attention as it can, and that if he’s going to win, he needs to get more votes from somewhere. Unfortunately for him, he’s spent his entire campaign alienating the people whose support he now needs.

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Trump Reaching to minorities