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The Iran Nuclear Agreement with Dr. Pitz

Community members joined at the Rock Island Public Library to listen to Dr. Arthur Pitz give a speech on the Iran Nuclear Agreement on Sept. 6.
Pitz claims that the media has not been very helpful in giving the American people information regarding the Iran Nuclear Agreement and asserted that the Agreement was not bilateral. The United Nations Security council unanimously agreed to the Iran Nuclear Agreement. Pitz described Iran’s geopolitical position to discuss the possible reasons for Iran’s intent with Nuclear weapons.
The speech focused on creating an understanding about the agreement.
Pitz said that the majority of people in Iran are Shia Muslim, while the surrounding areas are made up of Sunni people, and stated that ISIS is made up of Sunni people. According to Pitz, the Sunni and Shia people do not have a positive relationship, pointing out that they follow different Islamic religions. Pitz described how this causes problems between Iran and its surrounding countries.
Along with Iran’s problems with their surroundings, the country suffers from deep internal divisions, in part because of Sanctions from the United States beginning with Clinton’s presidency. Iran’s economy was in shambles by 2012 and collapsed in 2013.
Pitz said the United States has zero banking relationship with Iran per previously instated sanctions. Therefore, the money that has supposedly been given to Iran would not do the country much good at this point in time.
The agreement did not negotiate any previous sanctions that have been hurting their economy since they were instated, but does allow Iran to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. It dictates that their nuclear material can only be enriched by 3.67%, which is only enough for citizen needs.
The agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, forces Iran to reduce their stock piled Uranium by 97%, dictates that the remaining kilograms can only have enough uranium for peaceful purposes, removes all nuclear material from underground facilities, and takes away capabilities for weaponized nukes.
“Not all is as advertised” said Pitz
“Every American needs to be informed” said Jan Gustafson, an Augustana graduate of ’73 who was in attendance.
Dr. Pitz has his PhD in history and is knowledgable in the modern Middle East. Pitz has been teaching about the Middle East for many years and he is currently a professor at St. Ambrose College in Davenport, Iowa.

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The Iran Nuclear Agreement with Dr. Pitz