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Embrace all of your failures

Four years ago, I knew I wanted to be a storyteller.
My chapter here at Augustana has been full of challenges, triumphs, and complete and utter failure.
If I had one thing to offer, it’s to embrace your failures. Not everything is going to turn out the way you expect.
It will hurt at first, but soon you realize it means so little in the grand scheme of things.
Don’t get lost trying to fix your mistake, move on and move forward. There’s always another door waiting to be discovered.
I’d like to thank the entire Communication Studies department for being inspiring academics and supportive advisers.
Each and every one of you has helped me along this journey.
I will always be grateful for the positivity and encouragement I received.
There’s nothing like stepping into your offices for a quick pep talk, a smile, or sometimes a much needed hug.
Thank you for pushing me outside of my boundaries and challenging me to constantly do better.
To the English department, which pushed my writing and literature skills, as well as my academic endeavors.
My mind and my bookshelves have grown exponentially because of the amazing faculty you house.
I gained so much more than knowledge with each and every class.
The rigor of the department made me apply the editing process to my everyday life.
A huge thanks to Michael Edmondson and the entire CORE team for allowing me into your family, especially for my internship last summer.
CORE has helped me reach for my dreams, even when I thought they weren’t possible.
You opened doors I didn’t even know existed, and for that, I am extremely grateful.
You allowed me to embrace the best of my personality and taught me that it’s okay to be loud on a traditionally quiet campus. Shaking things up can lead to great reward.
To the Observer staff, thank you for growing and adapting with a student-led newspaper that has gone through quite a bit of remodeling in the past few years.
You’ve made me, and the college, incredibly proud.
I’m happy the torch is being passed to Ryan Jenkins and Madison Rodgers. I know you have big plans, so stay strong, stay ambitious.
You’ll set a new record, I know it. I’m excited to see how you make the Observer your own.
Finally, a big hug to Mike Tendall, Wendy Hilton-Morrow and pastor Kristen Glass-Perez for helping me through one of my biggest challenges.
I needed support in a time where there were few people on campus, yet you found a way to help me heal and continue forward. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a breath, recenter, or relax.
All things I felt I needed permission to do, and you gave it in spades.
To my friends at Augustana and abroad, I thank you for your long-lasting support.
It’s been a rough ride mentally for me in the past few years, but with every laugh, smile, and hug, I gained the ability to persevere.
I look forward to making more great memories in the future with you.
Last, but not least, I’d like to thank my family. The strength, drive, passion and tenacity, I learned from you.
While I might change location, I’ll always come home.
My pending graduation is an accomplishment I would’ve never achieved without you.
If anyone deserves recognition, it’s the support team I have across the country.
As I say farewell to Augustana, there’s nothing I would change about my experience.
Through the ups and downs, I’ve found lasting friendships, great opportunities and a dream to pursue. There’s nothing better than that.

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Embrace all of your failures