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Graduating college arrives within the blink of an eye is bittersweet

In the blink of an eye, I went from pre-season sweats my freshman year to going on big girl interviews in Chicago to round things out as a senior.
I feel like almost every senior asks themselves this question: where has the time gone?
And, I am certainly no different.
When writing my last piece for the Observer, I was told to reflect on my time at Augustana. That could take all day!
Also, I’m sure all of the seniors graduating could go on and on about their days here.
From stories about different events, clubs, or classes on campus to those Saturday nights you can’t quite fully remember, there is just too much to write about.
Although I am excited to start my job at a public relations firm downtown Chicago (and become the big city girl I’ve always wanted to be), I truly will miss being on campus and leading the “college” life.
Many seniors before me have said “make spring term count!!!”
From seeing countless snap stories of caps and gowns with captions like “this is it” or simply “wow,” it’s evident the feels are finally settling in.
With only a few weeks left, the bittersweet, sad, happy, and unsure emotions concerning graduation are finally here, whether us seniors are ready or not.
Instead of rambling on about my feelings, I decided to make my senior column more about thanking the amazing people that have helped me throughout my collegiate career because that is what means most to me.
They are the ones that deserve a huge chunk of the credit for my success.
Jared, thank you for being like an on-campus Dad and for ALWAYS telling it like it is, even if you knew it would make me annoyed.
Your dry yet hilarious humor has been greatly missed this year. I hope those SMU kids have realized how cool you are by now.
Dr. Yaschur, not only are you one of the nicest professors at Augie, you are also someone I enjoyed having those important life chats with.
Thank you for being there for me the past two years!
Dr. Varallo, thank you for your endless kindness and support. Hands down, it was an incredible experience having an uber smart cookie like yourself as my advisor.
To the ladies of Speed, what can I say. In all honesty, you saved me from transferring freshman year and showed me that Augustana was the right place for me.
Whether I have outwardly expressed this or not, you girls mean the world to me, and I will miss you all so much. It’s been an honor to be a SIG PI girl!
To the Observer staff, thanks for giving the athlete who never wrote for a paper in her life a shot.
After retiring from the court, you all and this paper helped me pick myself back up again and learn to love something other than volleyball.
Blaire, thank you for being my rock, roll model, best friend, teammate, and “mom” freshman year.
You pushed me on and off the court and for that, I am forever grateful.
Danielle, Alex, Chloe, Ryan, Jessie, and Sara, thank you for letting me be me! I love you guys.
Thank you to all of my friends who have supported me in all of my crazy endeavors the past four years here.
Life at Augie would never have been the same without you by my side.
And last but not least, the biggest thank you goes out to Mom and Dad.
Four years away at college has really shown me how blessed I am to be your daughter and how much I owe you both.
Thank you for having my back, no matter the occasion. I’m one lucky girl!

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Graduating college arrives within the blink of an eye is bittersweet