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'Views' hits you hard in the feels

Last week, Thursday night, Drake released his fourth studio album, Views from the Six.
Prior to releasing his album, he released three singles in preparation for Views that include “Summer Sixteen,” “One Dance,” and “Pop Style.” “Summer Sixteen” did not appear on Views, and a new version of “Pop Style” was recorded for the album.
As any dedicated Drake fan, I fell in love with the album as soon as I heard the beat drop to the first track, “Keep the Family Close.”
The further into the album I got, the more feels I felt.
Now Drake always puts me in my feels, but this album, wow.
After some boppin’ to “Hype,” “Weston Road Flows” takes you back to Drake’s second studio album, Take Care.
Then, before you listen to the next track, delete all of your ex’s numbers, remove them from Snapchat, un-follow them on Twitter, because “Redemption” will hit you right in the feels.
That song makes me want to apologize to my 8th grade English teacher for faking sick to miss her class to go home early.
After finishing up the album, I still wasn’t recovered from “Redemption.”
Drake also collaborates with PARTYNEXTDOOR, Future, and Rihanna.
Drake has collaborated with these artists in the past, setting the bar high for these tracks.
Drake just recently released a single with PARTYNEXTDOOR, “Come and See Me,” collaborated on an album with Future, What A Time To Be Alive back in September of 2015, and features in a the song we all know and love, “Work” by Rihanna.
In Views, Drake teams up with PARTYNEXTDOOR and lightens up the mood with their song, “With You.”
The song is upbeat and does a pretty good job at making you temporarily forget about the emotional wreckage you just experienced after listening to “Redemption.”
Drake’s collaboration with Future on the song “Grammys” reflects on each artist’s career successes.
Drake being nominated for Grammys’ in the past, and won 2011 Best Rap Album for Take Care, while Future, amidst his success in the rap industry, has yet to be nominated for a Grammy.
Finally, Drake’s collaboration with Rihanna on “Too Good” takes me back to their collaboration on “Take Care,” feeding off each other’s energy with the Caribbean style beat heard in “Work.”
I was overwhelmingly happy with Views and the work that Drake put in for a 20-track album.
So far this year we’ve had a number of great albums come out. Rihanna with Anti in January, Kanye’s The Life of Pablo in February, Young Thug with Slime Season 3 in March, and finally, Lemonade from Beyoncé and Views both during the same week in April.
What a time to be alive. I’d like to take this time to appreciate Drake as an artist. Drake commits to his release dates, unlike Frank Ocean. Drake is also pretty good about making his work accessible.
Drake released Views on iTunes music, while Kanye and Beyonce initially limited their album releases to Tidal.
Despite the popularity of Views there were some dissenting opinions out there.
Some people didn’t like the album, or thought it was too hyped up. While there is always a special place in my heart for Take Care, I still think Views was worth the wait.
Remember, don’t Drake and drive. You might show up to your ex’s house.

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'Views' hits you hard in the feels